In Praise of Centrism: The Politics of the Heart

sacred-345By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If I were to hold to any “ism,” I’d want to revive centrism in politics.

I think it got a bad press many decades ago and being mild in temperament yielded place. But I think we need to welcome it back to the table.

It’s possible that I’m alive to this issue because, in Canada, we have a well-developed centrist political tradition.

Many people might disagree with me, but I see ours as a functioning three-party system (much like Britain’s) in which the Liberal Party is centrist, consensus-driven, the New Democratic Party is leftist, progressive, and the Conservative Party is rightist, conservative.  It isn’t a simple two-party system as in the U.S., which can lead to more extreme politics.

On one occasion a marriage of the Liberals and the NDP in a minority government saw the latter ask as a price for its participation a universal medicare act. I don’t think you’ll find a Canadian who regrets that day.

Although that system has been bled heavily by cabal economics and finance, it’s still the jewel in the Canadian crown to almost all Canadians, I’m willing to bet.

In most countries, for most of our post-war history, being a centrist was like saying you were an appeaser. If it didn’t mark you as too bland to consider, it marked you as weak.

But now, I say, all that needs to end. We’ve spent a few decades with polarized, two-party systems in many countries. It was exciting. It gets the blood up. But it doesn’t lead to the really mature breakthroughs in international relations that it was always expected to. And that we need now to make and keep the peace.

A civilization addicted to boxing matches and football games wanted its politics exciting as well. We were adrenalin junkies. The more extreme the better.

But, bathed in the energies that are hitting the planet now, we’re no longer addicted to pleasures and passions, to swinging out in a “just do it” lifestyle. We’re awake to the importance of remaining in the center.

When we’re in the center, not swinging out to extreme-emotion territory, our words and actions are balanced. We have our best chance at being at least neutral in our dealings with others, if not sympathetic. This produces the best possible climate for peaceful negotiation among nations.

Think of it spiritually for a moment.

The center of the human body is the heart – two digits right of the breastbone (if I recall Ramana Maharshi correctly).  Most of the people reading this article probably hold that the heart is where it’s happening.

The treasure buried in the field? Buried in the heart. The place in the human body where God is, that we walk past endlessly without noticing?  The heart.

Make friends with your heart, if you haven’t already, because it holds the treasures of your future. Everything you desire is to be found there.  This is something I know. I don’t need to quote the masters on it.

This planet is shifting consciousness and the focus of the whole shift is opening the heart.

The stage of enlightenment upon which we escape the need to be born into the “physical” (now known as Third-Dimension) is called Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It results in what Hindus call mukti, or liberation from the cycle of physical birth and death.

What is Sahaja? Our natural state. Yes, but what else? A permanent heart opening. Yes. A permanent opening of the heart.  Do we know what that brings?

The dam breaks. We’re submerged in love, never to be seen in the 3D world again.  This is Ascension.

That’s where the planet is headed. It no longer has time for radical politics of the right or left.

If you still think that the future of politics is to be found in radical actions and extreme speech, then I have to say to you: It’s time for us of the old order to leave. That way of being simply won’t cut it any more.

The future doesn’t lie with radicalism and extremes. It lies in the center.

Some day we won’t have politics at all. I’m addressing the transitional period.

I think we should re-examine the politics of the center. I think we’ll find that politics conducted from the center – which you and I also know to be the heart – are what will contribute to making this world work.

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