Periscope Up

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Alleged Pizzagate front. Credit: Wikipedia

I put my periscope up a few days back and read some contemporary news – the latest on Pizzagate, Vince Foster’s body exhumed with two bullet holes (difficult for a suicide, bad for the Clintons), Illuminati kingpin David Rockefeller announced as dead (rumored to have died months ago), etc., etc.

I confess I have no stomach for it. I go through guilt saying that.

I’m glad to be doing the work I’m doing and honor the lightworkers who consent to serve on those fronts.

They range from prosecutors like US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, to the marshall who refused to evict an indigent owner from her underwater home, to the special forces who’ve protected the white hats, to the military patriots who over the years have essentially mutinied (refusing to fight in Iran, capturing the nuclear football, exposing missile theft, shooting down missiles, etc.).

The vast drift of affairs in the world thirty-five  years ago (1) was toward more and more concentration of power – a kind of global mergers-and-acquisitions craze. At the time it was happening, it was not clear to me how it could ever be stopped. Not like I knew the full extent of it.

When I looked at the economy, all I saw was mergers and acquisitions, junk bonds, foreign ownership, automation, just-in-time production, jobless recoveries, bubbles, real-estate bubbles, stock-market crashes. All of these bled the economy dry. Where was it all headed?

The “military-industrial complex,” as the cabal was then called, seemed impregnable and the world would be lucky if it simply avoided a Russian/American nuclear war.

If I knew then what I know now about the distance the New World Order was prepared to go to dominate the world, I’d have been scared stiff. It’s a mercy I was spared that knowledge.

Of all the stories that begged for my attention, Pizzagate (2) especially breaks my heart. How many of the posters asking for the whereabouts of lost children are related to  abductions? And not by “aliens,” but by criminal circles practicing pedophilia and ritual sacrifice?

I have a friend who’s a counsellor working with survivors of ritualistic abuse (like Dinar Intel writer Judy Byington). (3) Through her and others I know there are circles in my area and a neighboring city that practice ritual sexual abuse.

I knew a woman in enlightenment intensives who was trying to overcome her trauma from ritual sexual abuse by her parents. She went through the same battle in several intensives. It was humbling to hear. I feel punched in the gut to consider that such things exist and in my neighborhood.

I hope there are many out there who’ll fund an end to child trafficking after the Reval. (4) What kind of a world do we live in where our children are not safe? How can we allow such a circumstance to continue?

There are two issues I mark “Priority One” for my funding after the Reval: This one (an end to child trafficking) and gender equality.


(1) Things seemed to really go downhill during and after the Recession of 1982. That’s when the economic craziness began to produce results that could be felt.  My own company (international engineering firm) shed around 1600 employees from 2300, if memory serves me. It never recovered and is now gone. Its demise was only part of a downward trend for the middle and working classes that hasn’t yet been reversed.

(2) “PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington DC Pedophilia Scandal (Updated),” State of the Nation, March 14, 2017, at Thanks to Cyndy for this one.

(3) Judy’s website is

(4) Fund people already at work in the field. A simple Google search should turn up many organizations.

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