Building the New Way

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Since I wrote “A Second Lightworker Pitfall,” (1) I’ve been watching videos at a friend’s behest, mostly on the political scene.

I confess that I could not last a week reporting on the behavior of our political leaders, as revealed in the videos I watched.

All of it goes on within the intellectual domain. There’s no juice in it. There are only “pleasurable” feelings like vengefulness, arrogance, self-satisfaction, self-importance, and entitlement.

Who am I to point the finger? I was once that way.

I thank my guides for the doors that were opened to me that allowed me to see it (Cold Mountain, est, enlightenment intensives, Vipassana, and so on).

Coming back to the intellectual domain, I said earlier that the difference between it and the experiential domain is like the difference between eating a bowl of dry oats and a bowl of cooked porridge, with milk, maple syrup, and strawberries.

There’s no flavor to ideas as ideas. And no substance of the kind that would inspire us to a change of heart and behavior. They are bloodless. At the most information proves “interesting” to us.

Admittedly, one idea may ring so true for an individual that they might be boosted to the experiential or realizational realms. But the benefit comes from the latter two realms, not from life in the intellectual.

In my view, our political leaders are eating bowls of dry oats.

Many of them have been corrupted and are liable to be imprisoned for their sexual misbehavior. But I always thought they were caught in a honey pot.

Now we find out that the honey in the pot has been young children, which takes me to the depths of my revulsion. As in throwing up. These are our political leaders.

Now I have to wonder at all the posters of missing children. Runaways? Maybe not.

Having money can create a false sense of upliftment, power, and entitlement. And money is showered on corrupted officials, as far as I know, to cinch the deal.

Corrupted folks, it seems to me, live their lives like a game of chess or poker. The ones I watched strategized, arrived at clever defenses, lied, bluffed.

They jousted with each other and exalted at being right. Whoever was right or could dominate was the winner.

I fear that a dimension on which true love exists would simply not be of interest to them. Money might. Power might. And, for some, sex. But love? I frankly don’t think so.

So, policy statement: Zero interest in covering what the current crop of politicians are saying. We’re building the new way. They can join us if they want to and would be welcomed. But I’m not following them.


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