A Second Lightworker Pitfall

Me and Len Satov keeping each other in touch with reality. Len, a workshop leader, introduced me to Ascension and to Linda Dillon. Credit: Sara

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Another fear I have besides a fear of self-importance and entitlement (1) is a fear of ridicule.

I fear that I’ll be deemed out of touch with reality because I tell a business associate that I work for the Divine Mother. (Ooops!) Or blurt out to another what Archangel Michael said. (Uhhhhh…..) (2)

I’ve always wanted to be on the frontiers of knowledge so being rebuked for having left the fold has always been an occupational hazard for me. (3)

Many of us older lightworkers chose to avoid being ridiculed and hurt by taking to the cave and becoming introverts. Or by living in foreign countries. Not a few of my friends are satisfied singles, not seeking relationship but preferring their missions instead.

I sometimes think we’re a community of solitaries – I won’t say “hermits.” We all love our own space and our own company.

But it carries a cost. I worry that I’ll become out of touch if I so wall myself off that I’ve turned my place into an ivory tower, isolated from reality. That fear comes right next after the fear of self-importance and entitlement.

I’m now deemed to be talking to angels and imaginary deities and am therefore out of touch with reality, in a Third-Dimensional world that works on fear, the herd instinct, and ridicule.

I have a few friends in Vancouver and more at the Bellingham meet-up and they keep me sane and open-hearted.  Many lightworkers have no one to share with. That must be tough.


Hold that in your mind and consider what Archangel Michael and others have been encouraging us to do. We solitaries are to lead the way in leaving behind the old paradigms and creating a new template; primarily for the moment, in the humanitarian/philanthropic field, irrigating humanity.

The first fear that comes up in me is of being out of touch with what’s possible, realistic, or practical. I haven’t read a newspaper in years and just this last reading AAM confirmed that he didn’t want me to.

And even if he wanted me to, I wouldn’t have the time to. There’s such an information explosion on the Internet that I have to pick my sources wisely and those sources are and will be channeled. That’s another of those settled questions.

Nevertheless, it feels like being on a teeter-totter. On one side is solitary me protecting myself from ridicule and on the other side is mock-extrovert me creating a new template and mixing and mingling like the sociable type I’m not. Up and down we go.

Again the answer to this seeming quandary is to relax. The solitary me needs to learn to relax on the fear of ridicule.  I’m not a young dissertation student any more whose work is too new to be accepted or a government official who has to wear the empirical-materialist mask to be considered credible. I have discernment and experience. I can do this.

The mock-extrovert needs to get that I’m not an extrovert. I’m an introvert who stewards significant sums, directed to projects.  I don’t party and I don’t hanker to own a jet.

Leaving that aside and reserving my focus for building Nova Earth, I ask: How big can we dream? A gender-free and gender-equal world? A world without hunger? Homelessness? Disease? A world that works for everyone?

Holding the vision of where I’m headed … we’re headed … is my only contribution. It’s actually my passion too. (4) When I imagine the future, it raises bliss in me. Feeling inspired, I feel blissful. You could say I’m in it for the bliss and you’d be spot on.

I’m one of the dreamers. I am nothing without the creators.


(1) See “Self-Importance and Entitlement” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/03/23/self-importance-and-entitlement/

(2) I can’t avoid broaching the topic to employees. The new paradigm includes working for the Divine Mother in partnership with the celestials.

(3) My first dissertation was judged to be outside my discipline; my second outside the university’s mandate (i.e., empirical materialism).  All my life I’ve wanted to be on the frontiers of knowledge. I chose that rather than staying within the university’s confining paradigms.

(4) Because I’ve seen the vision of the entire journey of a soul from God to God; I’ve seen the entire picture. After that, all one feels like doing is talking about it and working for it.


    • Jesus is an example of one who had the uncommon ability to know his relationship to God as it existed prior to his birth. He knew God and he knew his relationship to God. As a result, he exercised powers that few have ever had while still in human incarnation on this planet. Some readers may recall that the Master Jesus spoke of the possibility that we can be LIKE HIM. He would not have urged his followers to be like him if he thought that to be impossible! It is not impossible and, better yet, it is an achievement that is easier now than it was when Jesus spoke of it! The good news for all of us today is that, AS NEVER BEFORE IN HUMAN HISTORY, the “density” of the “veil” that has made that so difficult has diminished. The veil is lifting. We have been given a new energy in which this planet and all who live here are awash. It is now easier to know what Jesus and many other Great Masters knew. Still we must “seek” before we find; and we are free to choose not to seek. But those who do seek will find it easier to find that relationship to God which has always been the case but which has been hidden by a veil that is not as dark as it once was.

      For when we are no longer in pain, we no longer harm ourselves or others. And this in turn allows us not only raise and maintain our frequency quickly, but to remain in Love and thus restore Paradise on this beautiful planet.

      “It is a matter of frequency. It is a placing of attention upon a particular frequency that is the answer to most questions. That is your journey now. This is an energetic journey through frequency states, you see. Everything else that plays out in your reality is a reflection of the frequency that you hold. It really is not any more complicated than that. Therefore, give more of your attention to the frequency that you are holding.



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