No Healthcare, No Daycare: Prime Minister Cracking Down on Unvaccinated

By Cassius Kamarampi, The Mind Unleashed

The fight for medical choice in Australia is getting intense.

With a heavily pharmaceutical industry-tied Prime Minister and culture of politics in general, Australia is giving rise to a severely polarizing debate about medical choice and vaccination.

The most recent move by Prime Minister Turnbull was a push for mandatory vaccination of every child attending preschool or daycare.

According to the Australian:

“Unvaccinated children will not be allowed into childcare centres or preschool under a tough new proposal put forward by the federal government.

Malcolm Turnbull has written to state and territory leaders demanding they introduce nationally consistent laws to protect children and has vowed to take the policy to the next Council of Australian Governments (COAG), according to The Sunday Telegraph.

The Prime Minister said all parents deserved to know their children were safe when they dropped them off at daycare or preschool.

‘All of us desperately want to protect our children and our grandchildren and other people’s children too,’ Mr Turnbull told The Telegraph.

‘If you are don’t vaccinate your child you are not just putting their own life at risk, but you are putting everyone else’s children at risk.’”

The comments on this video of Turnbull are a window into the massive backlash being caused.


The Prime Minister’s shady pharma ties are summarized in an article we published last week:

“He’s a multi-millionaire, with a chairman of a pharma corporation (who works with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline) for a wife.

Similar to how ex-FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg’s husband owns a hedge fund called Renaissance Technologies, which owned stake in pharmaceutical companies she failed to properly regulate, the Australian Prime Minister and his wife Lucy Turnbull get rich together.

While the Prime Minister leads government, and pushes for mandatory vaccination to the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, his wife Lucy is chairman of the pharma corporation Prima Biomed.”

Headlines about children being refused medical treatment for being unvaccinated exploded in Australia last week as well.

One from the Sydney Morning Herald is titled “Australian health services accused of refusing to treat unvaccinated children.”

According to an ABC article titled “Unvaccinated Australian children being refused medical care over immunisation, survey finds”:

“Some unvaccinated Australian children are being turned away for medical treatment because their immunisation is not up-to-date, a survey has found.

The Australian Child Health Poll of almost 2,000 parents found among 5 per cent of children who were not up-to-date with the vaccinations, one in six had been refused care — particularly those under the age of six years.”

The culture of medical choice activism in the country is rising significantly in opposition to efforts like this. Mainstream media was quick to try and quell the outrage.

In response, we’re seeing establishment protecting, mainstream Australian news websites featuring articles such as “Australia’s anti-vaxxer movement using tried and true methods to instil fear and doubt” from the Sydney Morning Herald.

But vaccination is a life or death issue, and of all things to not relinquish our natural right to, this one is particularly obscene and important. Many “anti-vax” activists are the parents of children damaged by vaccines.

A point of no return in vaccine research is when you learn about the HPV vaccine Gardasil, or Cervarix. The product of Australian research is such a dangerous vaccine, it has to be the some of the most convincing evidence in existence of how vaccines can be dangerous.

Despite the thousands of ignored victims, the country’s political establishment is pushing forward full force.

The article from the Australian continues:

“Children don’t need to be immunised to enrol at daycare in the ACT, SA, WA, Tasmania or the Northern Territory although in NSW, Victoria and Queensland children must be fully immunised or on an approved catch-up program unless an official objection has been lodged.

In his letter to state and territory leaders, Mr Turnbull writes: ‘At our next COAG meeting I propose we agree that all jurisdictions implement legislation that excludes children who are not vaccinated from attending childcare or preschool, unless they have a medical exemption.

‘Vaccination objection is not a valid exemption. We must give parents the confidence that their children will be safe when they attend childcare or preschool.

‘Parents must understand that if their child is not vaccinated they will be refused attendance or enrolment.’”

(Image credit: Era of Wisdom)


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