Living in a Man’s World

By Peter van Els (Contributing writer, Openhearted Rebel), Stop the Selfishness of Greed

A short history

Our Earth was formed about 4.56 billion years (4.560.000.000 years) ago by accretion of material from the Solar Nebula.

Compared to many other species, the history of mankind covers a very short period. Early modern humans (Homo sapiens) were born in Africa about 200,000 years B.C., and have since spread around the world. This development began around 71,000 B.C. from the coastal areas of South Africa.

Recently, DNA studies have supported the theory that man, for the most part, comes from Africa. By volcanic eruptions on Sumatra 70.000 years ago was the people largely extinct, just in southern Africa survived some 12,000 modern humans. From them there are now 7 billion people living. Besides genetics taxonomy also shows that the man is a primate, a genus of the superfamily of anthropoids (ape), which includes orangutans, bonobos, gorillas and chimpanzees belong.

Some past time moments where distribution took place, without ignoring the rest of the world, because we are all one race, the human race.

45,000 BC.: Arriving in Western Europe and the extinction of the Neanderthals. There was limited genetic exchange, which is about 1 to 4% DNA in Western Europeans of Neanderthals origin. The woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, giant deer and cave bear all became extinct during this time.

16,000 BC .: Arrival in America. Within a few millennia humanity reached the southern tip of South America. This time saw extinction of megafauna in North America. There were stone tools found in Florida 14,550 years ago. DNA tests on the DNA profile of a resident around Lake Baikal from 24,000 years ago show that the Native Americans were around a third of European descent and two-thirds of East Asian. The migration to America (by the Bering Street), could also have been earlier because there are indications that people could indeed live in the far north during the ice age.

This simplistic summary shows a bit of how long the Earth has existed, and for how relatively short the history of mankind has existed. Also, it is relevant to note how quickly mankind is poisoning the Earth, and destroying all life. Despite ecological and socio-political misfortunes, mankind has become a dominant species on Earth, with a major impact on the biosphere, and also great opportunities to redirect evolution.

This is absolutely not to trivialize against the holy story of creation, or to attack religions, because everything is connected. It is better to seek similarities, then opposites, or differences. If evolution and the holy story of creation does not go hand in hand, can they then not be complementary?

Especially at this time, distinction is very important. Judge people not for their color, religion, or race, but judge a person by his or her actions. Moreover, this article is about world politics, the madness of this moment in time, and the greatest danger that mankind is now facing.

Indeed, there are truly enough nuclear weapons to destroy the Earth several times over, and plenty of world leaders exhibiting megalomania, who think they are the embodiment of God on Earth, and therefore, above the law. Thus, they govern according to their own views.

The overpopulation plays an important role in the ecological system as well as an important role in today’s challenges, because the growth of the world population has soared explosively. According to the UN, the world’s population in 2011 was around 7 billion people, and we will soon welcome the eight billionth inhabitant. More than half of the world’s population lives in Asia. In 1804, there were one billion people in the world, and in 1927, the world’s population rose to two billion people. In the late 1950’s, the world’s population climbed to three billion people. On July 19, 1999, according to the United Nations, the 6 billionth person was born, and on October 31, 2011, just over 12 years later, the 7 billionth person was born.

With science we have come far, and we give much praise to science as it truly has brought us much good. Yet, even more work can be done in the service of our society, and in the service of our Earth. We could now also begin to start great new projects.

There are several examples of how modern society could live in the near future, with environmentally friendly energy utilizing modern technology, without damage to nature or man. We could continue to encourage the whole of society for the betterment of all.

We must note, the overpopulation problem is of relative importance, because if we currently assign each world citizen 1m², the entire world would fit within the boundaries of the provinces of Gelderland and Limburg (Dutch provinces).

World Powers

History has had many world powers: Persia, the Greek Empire, Rome, the Chinese Tang Empire, the Incas and Aztecs, the Mongol Empire, Portuguese and Spanish imperialism, The British Empire, Napoleon, and Hitler.

Now, America is by far the largest world power, and in a lesser extent China and Russia. India is also rising strong. Countries,which all have weapons of mass destruction.

History tells us that most civilizations have gone under by mismanagement and inability to learn from mistakes, by bloody expansionism, megalomania, and by a sharp increase in inequality and oppression, causing the population to revolt.

The New World Order

During the 18th and 19th century, a world power came on, which is not so visible, but are in fact the real world superpower. Modern governments have for decades abused their power, and have supposedly ruled for the people, but in fact the capitalist institute, which represents the 1% elite, have continued to rule behind the scenes. We are talking about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the British and Dutch Royal Family, the Vatican and the multinational companies, big oil, arms distribution, pharmaceutical, and the banking industry. As individuals, they may come across as charming people, but as a collective organization they are in fact monstrous and deadly.

This is an issue we cannot forget, because the tendency of these groups is to blame minorities and others in the population, like the Mexicans, the Syrians, the war refugees, and Islam, to name just a few examples. In short, everyone and everything, may be used as a scapegoat or a distraction to ultimately create disunity among the people. When this happens, the real causes and people of horrific situations, crimes and terror, can sit back, and watch how the world is moving more and more to destruction, while the powers chase the big money. The next goal of tackling the world’s population, becomes quite simple for them through a massive world war. When the world population of 7 billion is reduced to less than 1 billion, the problem with global warming is no longer relevant!


Everything what is extreme, is reprehensible and Daesh, or IS, is extremely reprehensible and must be stopped, good or unwillingly, but there is also right and left-wing extremism, white-black extremism and the most extreme are surely the richest, which have almost everything and have had many wars all for their benefit and suppressing of the people to stay under poverty for a long, long time, and that must be stopped too, good or unwillingly. These are the vampires of this world.

It’s like in the Middle Ages, where the rich lords had overstocked tables, and after their bellies were full, some food scraps flung on the ground, which then starving people fought each other for, in order to survive. And the lords said arrogantly laughing; “We still do much good, we give the people to eat”.

Remarkable is the crucial role of the man. And what has this male domination brought us?

Our history is mainly determined by very few men, who feel irresistibly attracted to power, from a certain primal instinct. Not all men are vulnerable to it, but the man is more susceptible to power than women. The woman is put down in history as serving and inferior, which is completely unjustified and extremely surprising.

A man is from origin, among other things, more a hunter, collector, protector and has supplementary properties for the community. Must therefore be competent and have specific characteristics such as strength, intelligence, endurance, good orientation, resourcefulness, willingness to take risks, and survivability, as well as other skills.

Competitiveness, a drive to win, success, power, taking risks, aggression and criminality stimulate testosterone and adrenaline, which puts an addictive mechanism in motion, which allows that power, greed, selfishness and corruption, and thus, almost automatically, stimulates for more.

Power and greed never fully satisfies, and there is always a want for more, without ever finding satisfaction. Power and greed corrupt, and absolute power corrupts, totally. Less is more.

They know all too well. For this reason, elections are often held after a 4 year office term. A very good measure, were it not that almost all the political parties represent the same corrupt establishment.

More Matriarchism and more Egalitarianism

Give women more opportunity to realize the world of tomorrow, because male dominance has not brought the promised Kingdom so far, and has not brought the Paradise on Earth, which is truly around us, but simply not seen. There is currently no world peace, which every sensible person strives for and desires.

Women are less selfish, less aggressive, less criminal, less susceptible to corruption, more forward-looking, more social, more careful, and more focused on society. There are, of course exceptions, but this proves to be the rule.

Matriarchy is a hypothetical form of society in which women and female culture, particularly based on their motherhood, dominate. A society in which women play a leading role in the economic, political, social spheres and civic matters.

Egalitarianism usually refers to the belief that people are the same or should be in some way related to political decisions. More specifically, the belief that there are no relevant differences between humans, it can be assumed that one person would have no greater inherent right to something then another. This equality can take different forms, from political equality, social equality and equality of opportunities.

A society that is not impregnated with power, but in which women play a central role. Where the sexes are equal to each other and where love and respect play a prominent base and are foundations of a fairer, more equitable society. With universal social development and universal truths. Cultural evolution and belief in progress.

An evolution, not a revolution, because revolutions often lead to anarchy and open the way for possible new dictatorships.

The role of women in some revolutions is remarkable, as at the time of the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. The basis is the struggle for human rights and the fight against the royal absolutism.

The French woman’s role in the French Revolution, especially between 1789 and 1795, was significant.

The revolutionary women. From the first hours of the Revolution the working class women are most numerous, and especially the most visible; they take to the streets, are present in markets and public places and take part in the riots. Their attitude is nothing surprising: it is fully in line with the many actions against rising food prices, against taxes and the lords services system during the Ancien Regime.

The women always take the lead. They usually give the signal for revolt, stir up the men and encourage them to violence; Sometimes they go for and they take the lead. The court records indicate many arrests of women, some as true “rebel leaders” who are often strongly condemned. It is therefore only natural that women intervene during the first days of the revolution – but what is new, however, the underlying political accents are witnesses of a consciousness that transcends their traditional role of food suppliers. They demand bread but at the same time come up other desires: for a better life, to change, which form swiftly, under the rather vague term “citizenship”.

The Russian Revolution. In a certain sense, there was a series of revolutions. By a big increase in prices, major lack of food, less fuel, there was growing a great dissatisfaction. The February Revolution of 1917.

In February women stood all night in line for bread. February 23 (old style, March 8 in Western Europe) was International Women’s Day. Women marched in the city center for equal rights. Women with banners like; ‘ Bread— our children are dying of hunger. ” On the same day women and workers began to strike in the Petrograd district of Vyborg due to the bread shortage. They called the men from the nearby steel mills to participate in the strike, and the men joined the women demonstrators in the center. At the end of the afternoon, about 100,000 people participated in the demonstration. On February 24, 150,000 people took to the streets of Petrograd. On February 25 work was stopped in all major factories of Petrograd. About 200,000 people joined the strike and demonstrations. There was fighting between protesters and the police.

Let women and men march together again, in a peaceful way, in order to achieve real changes. When there is a women demonstration involved, other energies become disengaged, less aggression, and it also generates less aggression, by law enforcement officers.

We are right in the eye of drastic and determining future events, which could have dramatic consequences for the whole world and the Earth. Sometimes it seems that the tide can turn, to the benefit of society, by saying “We give the power back to the people”.

We are more than ever in history, fueled by very evil world leaders who use the wrong ingredients, such as hate, fear, anger, selfishness, power, greed, oppression and poverty. Society is unfortunately not fed by good leaders that love, have empathy, desire prosperity, give respect, pursue individual freedom and who take responsibility for the wealth and prosperity for all living things.

In the animal kingdom are matriarch a regular occurrence. For example, elephants live in family groups that are led by a matriarch. Notable examples are found among bees and ants. The bonobo monkeys are the matriarchal species most closely related to humans.

We humans can learn a lot from the Bonobos. Bonobos have a female structure, where social problems (sexual) are dissolved. If after correcting behavior, the troublemaker / star, still affects the community, he or she will be collectively taken by the female deputies from the group and will not be allowed to return again, until his or her behavior is acceptable to the community.

Final words

Perhaps it is not quite clear where I want to go in this article. According to my relative truth we live from the beginning in lies and in lies, we will not find truth. Therefore, we are wanderers who have lost our way. Blind in the land of the blind.

Let me end by saying that an evolved future for humanity is possible, when wise people are ready to rewrite the twisted history, and uncover truthful findings, so that humanity can finally truly evolve. Otherwise history will repeat itself, because humanity has not really learned, or will learn from its repetitive errors. Let now be the time to rise to greater truths, and become truly free.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Martin Luther King

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. All we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

Lanaria Amberkira. 09-02-2017
Video peacemessage:

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  1. “Moon Shadow” – Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview – Thursday – February 9, 2017 11:11:00 AM


    Another hard time or “ready position” time has been given to staff reporting to call and exchange centers for later tonight.

    It’s different than last night’s hard time, but both were night hard times, so we believe a PM versus AM release looks to be immanent.

    We know a moon shadow is safer for ZIM holders–this has long been known per military sources.

    The global financial algorithm is humming at full capacity per Chinese sources.

    Rates are floating naturally now. Meaning, exchanges can occur freely and at any amount, anywhere in the world… and yes, anytime.

    Republic military forces are in command of all aspects of US government, diplomacy, legislative policy and judiciary per Ehite Knight sources.

    The elongated cabinet confirmations are simply a tool by Democrats who are just buying time (and relevance) before the financial transition goes down. They all know, on both sides of the aisle, what’s about to drop per Capital Hill sources.

    Meanwhile, GESARA measures are being carried out and put into place by the Republic. That’s why the new immigration were out into place for 120 days, and as a temporary measure which will become permanent.

    Trump desperately wants the RV to begin so he can leave the White House–not stay. The Presidency has become like a jail cell to him since artificially winning after being forced to run through blackmail by foreign governments.

    Trump did not expect to win on election night. Nobody did. Go watch the tape of his acceptance speech and witness again his shock.

    Ryan, Pence and Priebus are calling all shots for the Republic policy while Trump, Conway and Bannon are made to take all the media shots while implementation of required GESARA changes occur day-after-day until complete.

    This sudden political turmoil was anticipated by the Republic and why a “burner president” was needed a la Trump or Clinton to get to Ryan.

    Both election candidates were well known by the intelligence community as being highly dirty and could easily be removed due to scandal shortly after the election.

    Look for all the current policy turmoil to cease by the end of February, with Trump’s public resignation saga to conclude in March, with him avoiding impeachment due to business ethics violations.

    The Russians and Chinese scripted this because they held the most USA sovereign debt, and agreed to this transition per international court bankruptcy negotiations with Republic leadership.

    Nothing is happening organically or randomly at this point–everything is pre-planned by the NPTB going out some 50 to 100 years of our nation’s future.

    Trump will leave with an excuse to preserve his career business interests, and true Republic leadership will step right in and not miss a beat. And everyone in D.C. knows it.

    Trump’s resignation process will then pick up speed following the high court’s newest addition, and will conclude in mid March or by the spring equinox March 20.

    Notice how the media is starting drive home Trump’s impeachment reality hourly now. They know exactly what’s going on as well and are doing their part.

    Currency holders are right now at an all time low for awareness as determined by web traffic and total internet clicks for currency related sites, including daily and weekly conference calls, which are all monitored daily.

    General Dunford is overseeing every aspect of the Republic’s transition in all theaters of operation–he’s the only one that knows the true roll out strategy–and he’s the only one the Chinese Elders trust to deliver the RV safely to the people.

    Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch’s confirmation will signal the end of the restored Republic’s GESARA changes in full public view.

    Ryan will get full credit for reinstating the gold standard and reissuing currency that is gold backed again, printed by the treasury and not the FED.

    Look for Dunford not to take a political position next to Pence who will be inserted as interim President. In fact his retirement is now being passed around intelligence circles post RV, with Mad Dog Mattis taking over his Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs role.

    In terms of the White House, look for Ryan to either be elevated to presidency immediately, right after 2018 or wait to run in 2020 with a woman VP candidate, most likely new State Department ambassador Nikki Haley.

    The GOP is attempting to set up 4 or 5 Presidential terms via some combination of Pence/Ryan/Haley based on the enormous prosperity that is certain to flood the nation post RV.

    God is with us.



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