Respect Nature

By Charleen Anna Louise and Nick Evans (Guest writers, Openhearted Rebel),

Editor’s note: Charleen and Nick included some photos of pollution near their hometown, as well as a video at the bottom of this post.




Have you noticed lately just how much rubbish we have littering our countryside, our streets, forests and towns, and let’s not forget about the lay-bys at the side of our motorways! It’s appalling, dismaying and unacceptable to say the least. Our hearts go out to the generations that follow us who will find our beautiful country submerged under piles of rubbish.

“Environmental vandalism – it’s unpleasant, unnecessary and unacceptable.”

In the past several months, my partner and I Nick Evans, have consciously been made aware of just how much worse Britain’s litter problem has become, we would often go out for the day and notice how bad the situation was and we would always say that we wanted to do something about it, and we feel that now it is time, we just cannot ignore such a crime against nature any longer!

Fast food littering and fly- tipping are on the rise! Everywhere we go, we can see that people are finding this offensive, we believe we are on the verge of a crisis!

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and I believe that Britain is, or is fast becoming really neglected in this area, we have heard that over the coming years the local authorities will have to cut back even more. So if we do not act now, then the future of our beautiful country will be unimaginable, however, we do feel that there’s a real positive sign that we can look at here, it’s not all “doom and gloom” as many would think.

Times are changing and people are starting to come together and take action for many things around the world, communities are coming together, people are taking charge, and this is what we feel needs to happen in cleaning up our planet, coming together and not waiting around and relying on a higher power to do the job, a higher power that obviously does not care about nature, we need to care about nature and we need to act NOW!

Nick and I are both keen hikers and forest walkers and adore every aspect of nature, every creature, plant and tree has a divine place on our planet and plays a very important role, so looking after our environment is very important, we do our best by carrying litter picking sticks when we go out, we always have gloves handy and a bag, we never walk past rubbish that we can easily clean up.

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in the general throwing of rubbish, which has obviously just been thrown from car windows, not to mention the dog poo bags which are scattered all over our beautiful forests, either on the floor or hanging from a tree.

If you have driven down our roads and dual carriageways then I am sure you will have seen these sights in the lay-by’s, with bins overflowing, and the ground just covered in litter! You will even see it in the trees, this is a real problem and we both feel is getting out of control, it is also overflowing into our rivers and lakes, it really is a devastating site to see such a beautiful planet being treated in this way, not only does is affect us, but our wildlife is suffering too.

In one forest, we found broken glass, tangled rope and plastic bags, all of which can harm the forest life, we of course removed these things right away. What we are seeing right now is environmental vandalism at its worst, it is unpleasant and distressing to see on many levels.

So why did we want to write this article and bring this to the reader’s attention?

We feel it is our divine mission here on earth to help as many people as possible to open their eyes and hearts to nature, to help them connect in a way that not only helps them personally, but also our planet and wildlife. Our job is to help you understand that you are only visitors on earth, we are the “caretakers” and should respect this.

Earth gives us abundance and in return many do not give back, we want to point out here that in no way are we here to preach to others, we do not place demands on people and we certainly don’t hold any anger, we feel that “gentle persuasion” and being an example is the right way to go.

Most people unfortunately are so caught up in their day-to-day life of stress, work and worry that they just don’t even think about it, and then we have many people with their eyes open that see the mess that is accumulating, but hold back from doing something because they think the council should step in, they are “paying their taxes” so why should they?

Some people feel uncomfortable to approach this subject and others feel it is beneath them to clean up, whatever the reason, we want to ask you to really think about changing, ask yourself this question?  Do you really want to live in a rubbish tip along with seeing nature being harmed?

Our desire is to bring communities together, arrange big monthly “clean ups”, we would like to go into schools and inspire children, it really is about coming together and taking action for the higher good of everything, we believe the power that encourages others to wake up is a complete change of attitude, starting with yourself.

If someone takes pride in themselves and cares about themselves then this will show on the outside, when you love yourself deeply, you will then love everyone and everything around you, your loving glow will be contagious.

So when Nick and I look at the environmental state of our country and our world, what it is actually showing us; is the state of mind that many people are living in, and this is why we should not hold anger, what we can do is help to inspire others who are lost and struggling, by helping them to find their way and find themselves!

Until then, it is important for us to come together and join forces and clean up our planet, so let’s do this! Let’s create more beauty for all of us to enjoy.

“If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

A few tips to get you started

Where you live and how you live, really matters. Cleaner streets, beaches parks and forests are what we crave, and this will provide the backbone for stronger communities. We need to preserve resources, we need to waste less, and definitely recycle more. Caring for your environment is the first step to a better society, so be proud of where you live.

  • “While out walking, carry a bag and gloves or a litter picking stick, pick up as you go”
  • “Get your kids involved in litter picking, make it fun”
  • “Don’t be embarrassed to clean up, you may just inspire someone”
  • “Write letters to the local authorities and get in touch with magazines and papers”
  • “Start your own BIG CLEAN UP”
  • “Hand out flyers”
  • “Start a Facebook page or a blog”
  • “Wear a T-shirt that represents Keeping Britain Tidy”
  • “Record videos and share them”

We would like to see something brought into this country that is already very successful in Orkney in Scotland. They have a system called “pick up three pieces”, where everyone that goes walking, picks up three pieces of litter and pops it into the bin, everyone can do this and its proven to work.

The other scheme that they have, is called, “Bag The Bruck” (bruck meaning rubbish). Groups of people on certain dates go out and bag up the rubbish and leave the bags in designated places and the council collects them, we feel that that these systems should be brought to life here, especially in our forests. We aim to be working on this idea for the future.

Another thing that you could do is to contact us with your ideas, perhaps we can all meet up to do a “big clean up”, one great gift that we can take from coming together is that we meet new friends, we think this is a superb balance – so don’t shy away.

We want to thank you for reading this small article and we hope that we have inspired you to do something, no matter how small. Please feel free to visit us on our Facebook page or website, or email us, you are all welcome.

Thank you

Charleen Anna Louise and Nick Evans

My website –

Facebook – walktalkbreatheangels

Email –

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