Lightworkers Share What They’re Creating in New Webinar Series: Lights of the Roundtable


via Golden Age of Gaia

InLight Radio presents the first in a new webinar series: Lights of the Roundtable.

The show will air Jan. 1, 2017, 4:00 PM EST live and can be watched and heard anytime on demand.

Lights of the Roundtable
is planned to be an ongoing roundtable discussion among lightworkers known to you (many from the 2012 Scenario Conference at Sedona in 2012) on topics of regional and global concern connected with building Nova Earth.

For the first half hour, this week’s host, Steve Beckow, will interview Linda Dillon, webinar leader and channel for the Council of Love, and Heavenly Blessings host and Golden Age of Gaia editor Suzanne Maresca on what they’re creating, building, or planning as we look forward to a new era of abundance, contact with our star family, new governance, and so on.

For the second half hour, Suzi will ask various invited lightworkers to share how they’ve managed since 2012 and what they’re now creating, building, or planning.

Suzi and Linda will also host future shows.

Come join us for the first in a series of lightworker roundtables. An announcement will be made again closer to the event.

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