Activating The Inner Spirit True Freedom

By Angelica Rose,

I want you to imagine two apples, one is sour and the other is sweet. They both have seeds in the middle which represents core beliefs. You came on this planet to learn and become smarter. To release that of which is not serving your inner spirit. The sour apple represents learning and evolving through the path of Ego Control and the sweet represents the Inner Spirit being more active. You evolve and become smarter on both paths, yet one is filled with heightened levels of joy, peace, love, prosperity, vigor and vitality because there is more of a oneness with your Inner Spirit and the Universal Love. The other is filled with duality, such as sad and happy, chaos and peace, hate and love, limitations and prosperity, tiredness and vitality.

If you take the path of the Ego Control and you have self defeating beliefs, you will have more struggles in your learning and evolving. You operate at a linear time line consisting of a heavy focus on the past and the future with thoughts and emotions on fear, insecurity, limitations and worry. The stronger the Ego Control is around these self-defeating beliefs, the greater the drama. Your attention is on the past with some regrets and some gratitude. The regrets consist of outdated beliefs that have a hold on you and thereby your focus on the future has thoughts and emotions filled with worry. You are therefore operating at a lower frequency filled with limitations, fears, insecurities, negativity and judgment.

The more you put your attention on the past regrets and/or future worries and feed it, the greater the drama. Because you are hooked on the drama and continuing to play it out, you are not fully releasing the outdated beliefs due to the control around that program shown in the beliefs you are living in. Your life is filled with ups and downs from a chattered mind and mixed emotions. The Ego kicks in with the fight, flight, protect mode. You may start blaming others who are attempting to assist you or project your dysfunctional beliefs on others. The focus is more on the outer world, attempting to fix, correct, change, blame, teach or judge. Therefore you are stuck in the illusion of what is outside of you rather than what is inside of you where you inner spirit resides. Lose Lose situation.

It takes lots of strength to keep your attention on universal trust and not on unpleasant conditions you are experiencing. It is not that the Human Ego is bad where you have to attempt to kill it off, judge it or hate it. It can be your friend as you love and embrace the Human parts you are evolving. Rather than allow the self-defeating beliefs control you, you become more aware that those self-defeating beliefs are not serving you and therefore you can release them so the Ego Control doesn’t go into a fight, flight, protect mode.

When you operate with the Inner Spirit being more active, life is operating on a non linear time line where there is no past or future rather the present. When the inner spirit is more active, there is no fear, insecurity, negativity or judgment because there is an inner self responsibility and gratitude to those who assist your learning. You embrace and release those self-defeating beliefs more fully rather than allow it to control you. You become aware of more positive nurturing means of self-love, self-confidence and self-worth through self-awareness of these defeating beliefs. By committing to live more from a place of love, joy, peace and prosperity you start to develop new ways of seeing life.

As you Inner Spirit becomes more active you live more in the moment of unknown where there are no past defeating beliefs or programs running your life. Your attention is more on the unknown which comes first in the form of energy and then turns into new healthier beliefs. These energies keep expanding into heighten levels of frequency where you experience wonderful new today’s and tomorrow’s. The inner spirit operates at a higher frequency so you experience expansiveness into healthier beliefs and heighten level abundances filled with bliss, peace, love, prosperity, and vitality vs. a primary focus on releasing self-defeating beliefs and expanding into healthier beliefs.

You become aware as an observer rather than a participant when you are releasing so it is easier to let go of the outdated beliefs.

The linear time line of past and future is no longer pulling on your attention so it is easier to focus on the expansiveness and the outdated beliefs are no longer dominating your life through the control mode so it is easier to release their hold on you. It gets easier to reconnect with Universal Love by focusing on celebration and love.

As an Angelic Walkin I channel Ascended Starbeings, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm that support the awakening of human consciousness and activation of the Inner Spirit. I am a conduit for the Pure Love Beings to download the energies to support the activation of the Inner Spirit as well as channel messages.

I work with energies behind the beliefs that are projected through thoughts, emotions and physical. The latter takes longer to release it since it is in a form and many hold on to it through resistance, fear, insecurity, negativity and judgment rather than fully releasing it. These are hooks that keep you stuck in the dysfunctional pattern. Many people ask how long does it take to get to the inner spirit being more active. The answer is simple as long as you let go of the Ego Control and master the connection to the inner spirit and universal love. The Universe and your Inner Spirit knows when you are ready. Not I or anyone else really knows. Everyone goes on a personal journey to their own inner discovery.

Your personal journey to your inner discovery can come from a struggle oriented manner through Duality where the Human Ego goes into control mode filled with drama, blaming and judgments or Oneness where the Inner Spirit is more active filled with love, confidence, self-worth, acceptance and appreciation and shining that out to assist others in their own awakening.

When You first start the process, you may not feel anything since your mind, emotions and body is operating at a denser vibration thereby it is more subtle. If you are really sensitive with energies, then you feel more of a roller coaster with the emotions and chattered thoughts.
As you practice strengthening the inner core through the channeled messages and energy downloads, the ego starts to let go of the control and the inner spirit takes over.

You have layers of beliefs like an onion. You have beliefs that are covering core beliefs. Some you are aware of and others are hidden in your subconscious. Eventually when you release enough of the self-defeating beliefs, you move into the core beliefs. By that time you are stronger and thereby don’t experience as much of the roller coaster because you are not participating in the experience rather being an observer of the thoughts, emotions behind the beliefs. You know you are not the thoughts or emotions rather experience them so it is easier to release the self-defeating beliefs. You focus more inward creating an inner sanctuary and feeling a strong bond to Universal Love. You come to realize the Ego is not in control of your life that Universal Love is through the Inner Spirit. You experience these amazing energies of expansiveness at a higher frequency in the form of love, joy, peace, prosperity and vitality. Eventually you experience true freedom.

© 2016 angelica rose,

Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Medium, Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991, a Certified Hypnotist and Author of Ebooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers. Angelica also created an online series called, Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness on MP3 and MP4. She has been certified as a minister of LOVE in 2007.

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