Stop Forcing Your Indigo Child To Go To Public School

By (name withheld by request),

If you asked me if I believed in “Indigo Children” when I was sixteen, I would have laughed at you. However, when my hypnotherapist therapist diagnosed me as such a child at age 17, just a year later, half of me was not surprised-I was left-handed, (so are 10-15 % of the population) INFJ personality type (about 1% or less of the population) and a mixed-race child who showed signs of rebellion against the ways of the world at a young age. I also experienced isolation due to having thoughts about changing the world that other children did not have.  But the other half of me was doubtful and even sort of angry. “If I’m so special, why do I not have telekinesis? Why can’t I levitate?”

I thought my hypnotherapist might be a fraud. Maybe he was just saying it to make me feel special so he could raise my self-esteem. My hypnotherapist explained, “Well being a star child does not necessarily mean you’re going to walk on water or part the seas like Moses. What it means though is you have a more different and unique purpose here on Earth, than do others. It does not mean you are greater than or inferior than other human beings. It just means you are unique.” Could this explain why I used to sometimes isolate myself from other kids on the playground on purpose? Maybe this was just bogus-talk.

Coming from a semi-religious family, talk of New Age Beliefs would not bring honor, especially to Dad, who had no idea I was secretly talking to this guy. Talk of E.T. civilizations or children who might have different talents was not invited in the house. AT ALL. But at that point, I was almost desperate to figure out what might be wrong with me. My family could see I was clearly unhappy. One person led me to another. And there I was, talking to this hypnotist trying to figure out why I felt so depressed.

Why I felt isolated and like a part of me just didn’t belong. Why was I so extremely sensitive to other vibes and why could I not focus in class just because I am such a private person? Why does my mind always have these ideas nobody else has? Why did I feel so different and isolated like an alien in general? Why did I have such a strong need to rebel from normal society although I had no idea where this urge even came from? What on EARTH was wrong with me? I used to be an honor roll student, but then I couldn’t focus because of all the social expectations surrounding me.

Now at age 23, I realized I didn’t even need this guy to tell me I was different. I already knew. I already knew who I was. But this “gremlin” called Shame, prevented me from showing my full self to the world or even admitting who I was to my own self.

You see, everyone has a different purpose here on Earth. Despite all the religious dogma we have today, religion has a lot of things right. And one of them is Destiny. There are certain things that are destined in life like our careers, lifestyle, events, etc. And there is a higher power that many refer to as God.

If your child seems to not fit in, have their own unique way of looking at the world, and may come off a bit introverted or even eccentric, stop beating yourselves up. They are NOT crazy. There is nothing wrong with them. Think of them like flowers. To bloom, sometimes they need the right environment. As unfortunate as it sounds, public schools are toxic places for these extremely- sensitive young individuals.

Indigo children are especially sensitive to bullying. They often download external information easily. Negative things that were said ten years ago can still reiterate to their minds today. Schools often do not do anything about bullying until the last minute. If I could enforce a new policy at school, it would be this: guards monitoring children 24/7 to make sure no one is bullying each other. It really damages children. It’s not just a growth-phase. It’s NOT okay, especially for children who want to focus on their studies, but do not feel encouraged to ask questions because they worry what other people think.

Maybe your child was diagnosed with “ADHD.” No, that doesn’t mean they have a mental disability. Actually, ADHD children often like to fully master the new information being fed. They want to put their heart into what they learn. They hate feeling like getting A’s is an obligation.

They are very complex, free-spirited people who like to press the pause button in class and thoroughly understand in a perceptive manner what is being taught so they can move on to the next lesson. It’s not necessarily that your child is “lazy” or “spoiled” or “has no goals.” These kids have very serious goals. They have warrior, rebellious spirits. They are here to tear down ways of the world such as governments that no longer serve people. They are here to make a difference!

The main problem with school for these very sensitive beings is that their energy gets drained very fast. Their spirit feels threatened as they feel like they cannot be who they truly are. School feels like HELL for these children because they are in danger of always being judged often, for something, they themselves, cannot put their fingers on. These kids are different. They know it and feel it at the core. STOP forcing them to go to school.

If they are coming home miserable and waiting for school to be over every minute, let them stay home. They can still apply to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Columbia. In fact, these kids score MUCH higher grades when they are on their own.  YOUR CHILD IS NOT GOING TO HAVE NO FUTURE. STOP DOUBTING YOUR CHILD! It’s OKAY to homeschool them.

It is not uncommon for Indigos to come home depressed or throw tantrums about how much they hate school. Respond to these kids with compassion. Stop scolding them. They are suffering. School is not a place to learn nowadays as it is a popularity contest. And it is a fact that most kids forget over half of what they learn by the time they graduate due to all the stress. In a relaxed, pure, supportive environment, Indigos can excel with flying colors.

If they come off a bit isolated, it’s not because they are “unfriendly, grouchy” people. They understand people very well. They can read others’ motives like a book. They know that they cannot always trust others to be kind to them and care for them as much as they themselves care for others. They are aware of their compassionate nature and want to PROTECT their energy. These children are gifted.

Being friends with an Indigo is a blessing. When these gems are your friends, they will want to protect you with their lives. They are full of compassion and love, although they sometimes do not show it directly or may appear shy. They are not there for you just on your sunny days, but in the shade. They see your pain. They see your sorrow. They can tell whether you are a conformist or not.

Don’t make fun of these kids and tell them their outlooks in life are not realistic. They have solutions to many of your problems. Give these kids a chance. They have the power to change our future. Your job as a parent is to just accept them the way they are and give them space and a positive, optimistic environment to bloom like a flower, even if that environment is just at home for a few years. They may seem a bit lonely, but these children ARE NOT ALONE.

There are children like them out there! Just because you don’t always recognize them, does not mean they do not exist. They can be very social individuals when opportunity arises. Believe in these kids. They are something to be proud of (a healthy pride of course).  These kids are going to be just fine. I speak on behalf of all children who are currently going or who may have already went through what I did: PLEASE STOP FORCING YOUR CHILD TO GO TO PUBLIC SCHOOL IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO. 

Give your child space to breathe! It does NOT always mean they are spoiled, lazy or crazy. These kids want to make positive changes in our government systems, get rid of laws that are too harsh, help people feel true emotional freedom, help relationships and marriages feel like real love and not a business deal, purify entertainment and media, teach us how to balance femininity and masculinity, and inspire us to be more self-expressive, original, and accepting of each other as Americans and as individuals. These kids are here to remarkably and outstandingly change our future.

You may be complaining and annoyed, asking, “Why can’t my child just be normal like everyone else?” And my answer to that is because it’s not his or her destiny to be like everyone else. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s time to embrace it.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” -Rumi


  1. >>guards monitoring children 24/7 to make sure no one is bullying each other

    Bullying is awful I agree, but setting guards on kids 24/7 sounds like the ultimate NWO fascist state – which would be much, much worse!


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