We Can Have All the Love in the World, Providing We Pay It Forward

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Having given everything I’ve been, had, and done to God, retaining only his love, I now begin to see a thing or two about how things work.

God’s love is not something we can own; only rent. We have to pass it along to others eventually, the sooner the better.

We can have as much of God’s love as we want, flowing through our heart and out to the world, providing we’re prepared to pay it forward. Providing we’re prepared to pass it on. Providing we’re prepared to share it.

It’s like the Reval. Abundance is meant to be shared.

The same with love. An abundance of love is meant to be shared. It’s meant to flow through us and out into the world.

Lost in love, we give it away abundantly, with no expectation of return and usually none offered. But we cannot stop from giving it away, regardless.

Love wants to be shared. It cannot be contained. It cannot be bottled up. Try to contain it and it’s gone. Share it and it’s a river.

I let go of the errant desire to God and open up the space in the heart for love to come back. Wherever love finds an opening, it returns.


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