Mystery, Metaphor and Movement

mw_cathedralrock_sedona_700px-366px-700x366By Suzanne Maresca, Golden Age of Gaia

Life is always surprising me. I’ve found that appreciating and expressing gratitude for all experiences helps to pave the way for more of what I find to be delightful.

If we allow the blessings we receive to set the tone for what we like, and we consciously acknowledge our good fortune (in however small a package it shows up)…it’s like a glowing message to the Universe that we get it. We see how supported we are, we like it and we want more, please. And thank you very much.

It’s the things we go through that don’t necessarily feel great that are quite often the most powerfully transformational for us. So hooray for that stuff, too.

Perhaps we’ve reached a point in our evolution where the heavy karmic baggage we’ve carried over however many lifetimes has been cleared enough, and we can move on with integrating our higher aspects completely.

Maybe it’s true that our Divine birthright is to enjoy a lovely menu of dispensations available to us, something like this ~ An individual is successful in clearing perhaps 75% of their personal wounding issues…and once that tipping point is reached, a blessed, saturating wave of Love and Support comes rushing in to flush out the last bits of false belief and conditioned behavior.  Said individual is clean and clear and ready to assist with the Ascension in a deeper way.

Chances are good, I think, that such Divine (and Galactic) interventions are taking place on our behalf virtually all the time.  Gratitude is most appropriate.

So anyway, we just returned from a life-altering trip to Sedona. I knew it would be a deep and unusual journey but, of course, I could only speculate as to just how that might look.

This morning, an experience of mystery and wonderment unfolded before me.

I brought my car in to get the oil changed before we left. While they had the car up on the lift, they noticed that my front tires were dangerously bald on the inside of both, with steel coming through the rubber.

They didn’t have the right-size tires at the time, so I went back first thing the next morning to get them mounted. It also was the day we would be driving to the airport, and they didn’t have time to do the alignment of the wheels right then. I would have to make an appointment when we got back.  Getting new tires doesn’t resolve the misalignment.

So, fast forward to today. I’m sitting at the tire place waiting, and a mechanic comes in and says there’s nothing to work on. He got my car on their machine thingy and it was exactly in perfect alignment already.

I looked at the guy behind the counter who had shown me how the old tires were worn, and when our eyes met he just shook his head. “Yeah, those were your tires… I don’t know.”  Basically, the problem that caused the front tires to wear unevenly was no longer a problem, and there was no explanation for it.

I could just let this be a mystery, and that’s okay. I love mystery! There’s more here, though.

I’ve had my little hybrid car for four years now. We call it the Starship, and, when we go for our drives, it’s very much like stepping up in dimensional reality. This experience is making me wonder if we can infuse our otherwise mechanical tools and vehicles with some level of consciousness.

In some ways I feel like these wonderings are giggle material for our Star Family…observing us as we figure things out. You’re welcome.

Before the alchemical and energetic shifting that took place in Sedona was in my field of experience, my little car was moving forward in what felt like balance. There was no pull to either side to indicate a problem. What I learned today is that my car is reflecting my state of being.

So many major things shifted for my daughter and I on our Western Odyssey. One of the most significant of these is that the dry environment and the energy of Sedona brought my daughter to actually feeling good in her body! There had been some denial in place around mold sensitivity and what that means for her, so this is indeed significant.

Bottom line is that I’m taking notice of all of the support that flowed in for us to take this trip.  We’re systematically being freed up.  Yes please…thank you.

So I’m letting go of the how. Westward bound we’ll be, into the dry of Sedona, or perhaps Boulder.  If we’re wanted there, so shall it be.


And I even got air in my tires…no charge.

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