We’ve Reached The Top Of The Mountain Of The Completion Year

By Sophie Gregoire, In5D.com

Even if we still have a few meters to walk, it feels different now – we’ve moved beyond a threshold and there is no way back…

Before this line, we were going back and forth between our old and new ways. We were hesitating — walking a few steps towards new adventures, than returning back to old comfort zones, before trying to move forward again.

While we were in that space, there was no real time to create this new picture that we were longing for — new people, new projects and new songs.  We were simply too busy maturing ourselves, healing and cutting attachments with old realities once and for good. We were somehow stuck in the middle ground.

While we were repeating our back and forth movements, clearing problems and going back to them, finding freedom from within and losing it – we had no time and energy to really land our new learnings in the physical world. The work of Completion has felt very heavy until recently, that’s why we couldn’t truly restart. We couldn’t find the needed amount of energy, we couldn’t find the “right” ideas — we were too confused.  But this stage is now over!

It now feels that we’ve almost completed this big stage of learning called: 2016.

We can feel this shift in the air — something has found solid ground and we’re emerging back from the depths to life. New situations, new unfoldments, new songs are about to rise. The “newness” could actually be new people yes — but it could simply be new energies and patterns of relating in relationships that are already active, if the waves of growth haven’t taken them out of our lives for good.

Yes some people have truly left the ship. This, because we’ve understood that they would never leave the “matrix” and be willing to grow with us. In other words, we’ve seen that they would never be “like us”.

Some are still on board because whatever the issues may be — we’ve seen that our connections were too strong and profound. For those, the more we released old patterns and cleared negative emotions… the more they stayed in our minds.  Those are the right ones. Most likely, they share similar goals for their own future and for the destiny of the humankind. Those are the ties of our new selves, the ties that bind. Those are that the ones that see, accept and love us entirely — and we’re the same for them.

Anyways, life has moved forward and won’t go back because we’ve now reached the top of the mountain of the Completion year.  Yes, we’ve climbed the mountain! We’ve known ups and downs because we needed to feel negative emotions in order to release them, and we needed to leave for good the situations that weren’t aligned with our true personalities.

Many things have been cleared… which now renders available a significant amount of energetic space around us. That’s why we’re now ready to open up to new chapters.

Impatience is rising. We want what we want, and this desire comes from the guts this time — it’s really not fake, not conditioned by anyone.

This space can feel like a void but it isn’t – it’s about to be filled with new boldness, new goals and a higher form of joy – that joy is based on sharing, on being part of something bigger than our individual lives and on true freedom. True freedom yes, because we’re now detached from all the things that were weighing down on us – all the wrong situations, all the hearts that weren’t aligned.

We’re going to stay in this new plateau for a while – most likely December & the first months of 2017. There, we’ll be able to live in a more stable manner and without being pushed in such a heavy and constant way, to grow.

We’re presently being recharged — the energy of the fiery, spiritual, fun and ambitious Sagittarius starts to run through our veins, it will provide us with all the vitality and well-being that we need to take our next steps.  Slowly, each day and with every brush stroke we’re forming our new reality.

This space wants to be filled, it wants to be taken by new ideas, new dreams, new projects, new love and new songs. Go ahead, Warriors – you can start building your new life.

How do we do that?

New life is built from presence. At any time, at each crossroads, simply follow your joy. At any time, at each crossroads, check in with your heart. If it feels right, go ahead – if it doesn’t, wait.  Impatience is rising but be wise ! remember the lessons : there is no race to win — build at your own pace and only build the truth.

That’s how we get there.

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