Last Word, First Word

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I received my first letter the other day in which a reader recounted using the upset clearing process to get to the bottom of a vasana and it worked. Quite interesting results but of course I can’t go into the details.

All these years, I’ve never had a clear account from another of what happened through the use of it.

I consider going that long on just my own experience to be … not too shabby. (Bill Pullman, Independence Day.)

Why talk about the subject? Why cosmically, as well as personally?

Personally, I suppose because I just finished compiling a book on the subject and need to say the last word on it, so to speak. Also the first word of the first chapter of the next book.

Cosmically? Our task is to retrace our steps to God. We chose to “leave,” to enter the dream, to gain the experience we needed to awaken to our true identity as children of God.

We’re now awakened to a certain degree. How far have we come? We’ve always had consciousness. We have sentient consciousness. We have self-consciousness or self-awareness. Turning our self-conscious awareness inward, we’ve begun to get an intellectual picture of who we are.

In common talk, we have an idea of it. We’re beginning to get the message. We’re starting to understand the bigger picture.

But none of this information is very persuasive. Intellectual knowledge may be accurate but it’s dry and weak in its power to effect change.


What stands between us and bumping our knowledge up to experiential and then to realized levels? In other words, what prevents us from experiencing and realizing who we are?

Our vasanas or core issues are what stand in the way. (1)

All the mud we got on our shoes coming down this way now needs to be cleaned off as we go back the other way.

All the baggage we accumulated on the downward trip now needs to be shed.

Becoming like unto children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Heaven is the ancients’ name for the Fifth Dimension) implies a lack of baggage as well as innocence.

Underneath our core issues, we’re fine. But core issues can go back lifetimes. And all of it holds us back.

One of the components of a vasana is the bands of muscular tension that serve the decision we made in some distant past. These bands of tension, there by our will and exercised by it as well, crimp and confine our awareness.

Never mind the simple density of the human body just as it is, we further “densify” it by building in patterns of tension to our neck, shoulders, stomach, etc.

Our society and culture move forward by assimilating certain ideas such as that women have the right to vote, that color is no excuse for discrimination, and so on.

I’d like our society to assimilate the idea that what stands between us and knowing ourselves truly as we are is our core issues or vasanas.

What would happen if we did, I predict, would be that the ways of completing a vasana would proliferate and become known in society, used, and assimilated.  We’d be moving through our core issues quickly and emerging easily where now it’s a major undertaking.

After centuries of being sold a bill of goods that passion was a good thing, that the man of anger and hatred was to be admired, feared, and obeyed, etc., we’re now bringing ourselves back to the center, the Middle Way, as people of love and peace, an indispensable part of which is to complete our core issues.

The Buddha warned us against craving and aversion, our passionate likes and dislikes. They keep us on the extremes of passion. They keep us in ignorance of who we are.

To them we’re to be neutral and observe.  But the divine qualities and states like bliss, love, and joy, we’re to embrace. They exist in the middle, in the center, in the heart.

Ignorance and karma result from embracing craving and aversion. Enlightenment and freedom from karma result, if I’m correct, from abiding in the middle.

Completing our core issues doesn’t have to be by my method. It can be by any workable method. Or by none at all. Whatever works.

Nonetheless, my cut at the subject can be found here:


(1) I just assume that you know that when I say “vasanas,” I include in its scope the conditioned behavior that results from our vasanas, and the masks, poses, gestures and lines that make up the false front, facade, or constructed self we build from these raw materials.

It takes a lot of looking to reveal these to one’s self. Most people assume they know all about them, but that’s often not the case.

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