Christopher Rudy: Thanksgiving and the Attitude of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving and the Attitude of Gratitude

Christopher Rudy, Heartcom Network, Nov 23, 2016

For those who have returned to a semblance of philosophic calm after the elections, consider that not just Americans, but global humanity also has reached a critical mass of angst over electoral systems that fail to represent ‘We the People’ at large – the Family of Mankind as an ALL-connected whole.

Indeed, the rate of global change has been accelerating due to the computer/Internet revolution that now connects about 4 billion Netizens with instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities – a global village in principle, but not in practice.

We still have horse-and-buggy legislative systems that are out of touch with Internet Age ‘Net reality’.

Without some kind of massive ‘reset’ of the economy – with public representation in the change process – we’ll see the same cause and core disconnect behind social dysfunction and distress.

The current Trump transition team is either hopeful or depressing, depending on which media filter you see it through. And this last week we saw different media filters accusing each other of ‘fake news’. But free and open Internet news seems to be winning the hearts and minds of global Netizens.

The problem seems daunting for the titanic ‘Ship of State’ that turns very slowly. Call it the ‘Deep State’ or ‘shadow government’, there is still an enormous bureaucracy and ‘corporatocracy cabal’ that has been steering the ‘ship’ into an ‘iceberg’.

Wall Street is still betting on Big War, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Banks underwriting Big Government with the Big Lie of scarcity’s value – scarcity economics.

Be grateful that, “This too shall pass.” An economics of abundance is emerging. Global economic and geopolitical reset has reached the tipping point. It will be disruptive for awhile, but HOLD THE VISION – where it’s going:

Abundant knowledge power with the Internet is driving this vision home. Billions of global Netizens are now aware of abundant solutions to the systemic corruption that operates on the oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity’ whereby 1% ‘wins’ with prosperity at the expense of austerity for the 99%.

Abundant ‘win-win’ cooperation trumps ‘win-lose’ competition.

Abundant, clean-renewable ‘free energy’ systems are going into production worldwide; the demise of petrochemical pollution poisoning the environment.

(Please go here for the remainder of the article.)

(Chris’s book, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age, can be found here:


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