Man Defeats Mystery Digestive Illness By Eating Just This One Type of Food

By Anna Hunt, Waking Times

Derek Nance is a Kentucky man who has chosen to eat only raw meat in his effort to get rid of a mystery illness. He found himself with little appetite for regular food and vomiting after he ate, which resulted in significant weight loss.

After eliminating food after food after food, he discovered that a carnivorous version of the Paleo diet cured his digestive problems and left him feeling pretty fantastic.

Some of you may find these images disgusting, but for Nance, this is what meal time look like.


Nance doesn’t just grab a steak every time he’s hungry. A lot of thought and planning goes into his diet. He mostly eats grass-fed lamb, which he buys locally and slaughters himself. He avoids animals that are pumped full of hormones, such as pig. The animals he chooses are free-range and raised on several varieties of grass, which impacts the taste and quality of the meat.


When Nance slaughters an animal, it seems that no part goes unused. In addition to the meat, the organs give him Vitamin C. He eats lots of animal fat and also uses it to brush his teeth. Brains are considered a delicacy, followed by a nice glass of blood to wash it all down.


Probiotic-rich rotten meat is also on Nance’s menu. In an interview with, Nance explains why he eats rotten meat:

“Half of the problem with my digestion was actually just lack of enzymes. My body just doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest starchy foods. So the probiotic bacteria in rotten meat actually help me to digest the food.”


The Fight Against the Modern Diet

Some may think it very unusual and actually unhealthy for a man to live only on raw meat. Yet, we cannot deny that our contemporary way of eating has resulted in an increase in modern diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Humans in general suffer from more chronic illnesses than ever before. Is an all-meat diet, or even a Paleo diet, the solution? Many health professionals and nutritionists would strongly disagree, but they will agree that our food choices play a major role in how healthy a person is. Diets, such as the Paleo diet with mostly meats and seasonal vegetables, fruit, nuts and roots, cut out processed foods that are often full of sodium, preservatives, and genetically-modified ingredients.

“The nutritional qualities of modern processed foods and foods introduced during the Neolithic period are discordant with our ancient and conservative genome. This genetic discordance ultimately manifests itself as various chronic illnesses, which have been dubbed ‘diseases of civilization.’ ~ Dr. Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet

Derek Nance is an example of what can happen when a person is willing to make the effort to address illness by changing up the diet. For Nance who’s been following his unusual diet for over seven years, after the first few weeks of raw meat, “I felt absolutely great, and I never went back.”

“Listen to your body. Do what feels right for yourself. Be your own guinea pig. As soon as something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t make sense to you, maybe you can tweak it a little bit.” ~ Pete Evans, TV personality, award-winning chef and author of Healthy Every Day and The Complete Gut Health Cookbook

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