Understanding the Longing for Liberation – Part 1/3

Credit: Prayers for Everyone

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Folks, given that we’ll be managing resources in the near future, our desires may get greatly stimulated.

When we feel a sudden rise of yearning, we may be fooled by it and attempt to fill it with yachts, mansions, wine, wo/men and song.

But this may be a resurgence of the eternal longing for liberation, which I’d like to go into in this series, spurred on by St. Germaine’s recent broaching of the subject on An Hour with an Angel. (1)

It’s important that we not get derailed in future weeks and months by tugs on us that we think of as unrequited desire. Well, they do come from unrequited desire – but the desire is not for mansions and cars, but for God. Or if you prefer, for love.

I’m led to believe that God – or love – is all that a wo/man can desire without transgressing the law of their nature.

The Longing for Liberation is Inescapable

Bhagwan Rajneesh once said of the longing for liberation:

“One cannot escape it. One cannot evade it. One has to go on the journey. The goal seems impossible But the urge to go is intrinsic. The need is deep in the soul.” (2)

Only a sage would recognize the subtle tug, the tidal thirst of this deeply-felt but almost-invisible need.

Everyone is affected by it, the pull to come home, the need to discover who we are and where we came from. Coming home, knowing the truth will set us free.

Said the Arcturian Group:

“Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is.” (3)

The longing for liberation, the urge to evolve, the impulse to progress has been known to all sages, on and off planet.  But very few of us understand it.

When we feel its vague but powerful tug, when we feel a chasm open up inside ourselves, we tend to fill it with things and experiences, but nothing works. The burn returns.

What is the Longing for Liberation?

What is the longing for liberation? Saul describes it here:

“Buried deep within each human is a knowing that [God] is the destination toward which they are traveling.

“For ages, it has appeared to be a state of being that is to all intents unattainable. And yet a desire, a deep longing to return there remains, providing the unquenchable hope that drives the search to find that heavenly state.” (4)

On another occasion, he described it as an “inextinguishable Light”:

“[The] sense of hope has been with you since the moment of separation, because your Father placed within you the inextinguishable Light of His Love to assure you that you were not lost, could never be lost, and to light your way Home to His loving embrace when you chose to stop playing the ridiculous games that filled you with anxiety and hid the Light of His Love from you.” (5)

That same year, he took up the theme, calling the longing again “an inextinguishable flame to light your way Home.”

“When you apparently split from God, He could foresee the pain and suffering that you would experience, and He installed within you an inextinguishable flame to light your way Home when you finally recognized and admitted to the intolerability of your situation.

“This flame within each of you, which you refused to see or acknowledge for so many eons and instead attempted to hide or destroy, is once more apparent to you.” (6)

Saul has offered us the metaphors of a knowing of our destination and a deep longing to return to it, guided by and drawn onwards by, an inextinguishable light or flame.

Let’s look at others.

(Continued below.)


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