Good Thoughts Return Good Thoughts

By Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT (Contributor, Culture of Awareness)

From where do your behaviors problems or sickness come? Is pain and struggle growing over time? The real motivation is below the surface in the subconscious. It is possible to compare it to an iceberg. The top of the iceberg is above the water however, the major part of the iceberg is below the surface out of sight.

These hidden influences cause behavior to find a way to cover the hurting and harms. The body will create the right symptoms to need a pill, drug, dysfunctional behavior, or defense mechanism to mask the pain.

The typical way to resolve the hurt is to deny it and camouflage the denial with an addiction, illness or self-harm to stop the pain. Those in co-dependent marriages, relationships, or dysfunctional families generate an illness to take their focus off the real problems.

The psychologist and psychiatrists usually suggest medications, which again suppresses the real root source of the problem while looking at only the symptoms. A typical solution is antidepressants. The medical protocol is to prescribe a medication, pill, or other drug that covers the real basis for the illness. It is easier to identify the symptoms than to address the underlying cause.

Louise Hay addresses the emotional and mental genesis for illness from fear anger, guilt, and other negative feelings. Louise created affirmations to replace the negative emotional origins of each predicament. I took this one step further when realizing that replacing the old mind set with a new way of thinking while in a hypnosis state produces a shift in energy more effective than in a regular consciousness. The higher awareness replaces the old thinking and the person has a new understanding about the circumstances based in an elevated state.

Throughout my research and membership in Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, I learned that Edgar Cayce, known as the “Father of Holistic Health’ and the great psychic of the 20th century, lost his voice at an early age. This created a difficult problem with his working in a bookstore because he was not able to talk with the customers. He searched for a hypnotist and his voice was restored for about a year.

When he had laryngitis again, he found another hypnotist and resolved the problem permanently. Cayce’s new hypnotherapist talked to the body consciousness and asked why the dilemma started and what the healing information was. This approach resolved the problem and it never returned. He used this model for many situations where people sought him out for answers for their medical concerns. Cayce, 1877-1945, gave over 11,000 medical readings helping people regain their health through a variety of methods that are non-traditional.

Releasing revenge might be the next move to free you from the personal pain of the victim cycle. When you retaliate in a payback situation, it comes back to bite you. The first powerful feeling of “got you” grows into long painful consequences. This is because of universal law. “You reap what you sow”.

According to the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by Spaulding, every thought or word sets vibrations in motion that go out and return in the universe. Good thoughts return good thoughts and ideas and imperfection returns as imperfections. If you are into metaphysics, the word karma is often the label for this experience. It applies to your needing to resolve those punishments and judgments you passed out earlier in this life or past lives. The consequences of those actions return for balancing and ending karma.

Previous actions from the past including your past lives, will produce various forms of fear and anger. The ego encourages selfishness, self-centeredness, and threatens instincts of security, ambition, and sex. Consequently, changing your focus changes your feelings. This allows you to change your focus to something productive, during a hypnosis session.

Take the high road and move on is an excellent decision. Deciding not to pass out those reprisals or settling the score, saves your anguish from returning and can stop the karma from reoccurring. Seeing the need to not retaliate in past life regression can stop the anguish. When I understood why my relative stole my inheritance in this life as the result of what I did to her in a past life, I was glad to stop the game.

I believe most difficulties come from insecurity and a lack of feeling love. “What is not love is always fear and nothing else.” Course in Miracles, Teachers, p. 302. Therefore, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and harmony resolve old actions and attitudes.

Society has used many institutions to perpetuate inadequacy, lack, and failure. You do not have to volunteer to be a victim anymore. Through hypnosis, a transformation can change the inner message to owing that you are whole, joyous, and free of fear. This is your inheritance as a child of a loving universe. This fresh perception offers a new foundation upon which to build a new life and the ability not to give away your power again. Learning that there is no reason to lack confidence frees you to be yourself.

For chronic conditions, I find that an emotional dis-ease is the underlying root. It continues until the emotions return to harmony. This results in the symptoms leaving. When addressing the resentments, fears, guilt, and shame rather than ignoring them, the change can happen. In an altered state, it is even more effective and valuable. I am convinced this approach is practical and successful.

I asked the universe for help when I became single because  I could no longer afford pricey counseling and other assistance.  I asked for a cheaper, quicker, and more effective alternative to continue recovery from addictions, mental illness, co-dependency, and domestic violence.  My answers first sent me to learn past life regression in Virginia from Henry Leo Bolduc, a pioneer in this field. After completing his first course, I returned for his advanced intensive course. This allowed me to become internationally board certified for regression therapy, (IBRT).

Next, I found several hypnotherapy classes in Seattle, Washington. These programs qualified me for membership in the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). In addition, working with a flower essence practitioner provided me with more knowledge. I could incorporate this higher energy technique into my tool kit, too.

The last piece came together when I attended and graduated from Linda Schiller-Hanna’s Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics. I became an ordained minister and acquired spiritual counseling tools. During this program, I discovered that my angels and masters give me information for my clients’ difficulties. The silent voice inside became more valuable.

These methods combined were cheaper, more efficient, and quicker than typical talk counseling in the past. The root causes were uncovered and healed with love instead of being masked with medications. My search for these answers is available as a talk on my web site, Now, with the necessary training, experience from being a retired teacher, and practicing the principles on myself, put all of this together. I could heal others and myself with my new tools.

The key is expressing, releasing, and replacing the negative emotions that make the process so powerful. When these are let go and replaced with positive, genuine thoughts of freedom and joy, a new life can go forward in happiness. When revealing secrets and terrible occurrences, they no longer have power over you. However, it can be scary to talk about these matters. Nevertheless, in an altered state, it seems less frightening and you are free of it.

One client, John, was afraid of his feelings. He did not realize they were energy in motion needing to flow out and were not him personally. This energy was hidden in his subconscious. After stopping his drinking and prescription drugs, he found that he needed to recognize all the difficulties from his past. It was time to surface all his surreptitious actions, thoughts, and emotions. One by one, he addressed his fears like peeling the onion. One day he realized that he had been a victim of childhood incest. Within one hypnosis session, he changed his understanding to a healthy resolution.

Sometimes later, he found that he never had felt those feelings. To his surprise, he still had a little anger even after forgiving the family member and sending prayers. While in hypnosis, the tears came down his face while he cried and felt the shame of his being used by a “sick person”. It had stopped his soul from growing. He had lost his identity. The whole sadness only lasted about five or ten minutes before his energy shifted and he felt clean and complete.

Through hypnosis, classes, and support groups he learned new tools to handle his life in a positive way and to regain his “being”. This had been a negative motivating force for most of his life. Actually, he felt relieved and free of his old subconscious energy that had been draining his emotional life. He could build a new life from loving himself without the shame. Now he could rebuild from the truth of who he is.

Releasing the negative emotional pain makes space for good feelings. It allows the positive energy to fill the recent void left by the feelings produced from old thinking and emotions. Expressing old wounds and hurts in a safe environment is beneficial to good health, sanity, and peace of mind. It is an inner house cleaning.

A specific comment or criticism can be exaggerated or inflated in the mind of a child. For example, a mother can continually make a comment about being neat and clean. Her compulsive behavior about cleanliness can transfer to the child. Without intervention, that critical perfectionism over time is then shifted into everything in a person’s life regarding hygiene, germs, disease, or anything that remotely connects to the original cause.

The story of Howard Hughes is an example of this circumstance affecting a child and surfacing later in life as a disorder. Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was an American entrepreneur. He was known during his life as one of the most financially successful individuals in the world. Later in life, he became known for his eccentric and reclusive lifestyle that was caused in part by a worsening obsessive-compulsive disorder. His mother’s fastidiousness for hygiene became his excessive phobia of germs, according to many biographies. He died a multimillionaire, but a recluse in the phobic world of his own mind.

Old sensitivity often brings a limited understanding of the whole situation or experience. Hypnosis can free you of your victimization, insecurity, and poor self-esteem. This is a vital step toward emotional freedom, emotional security, and the sovereignty to be you. It replaces the false with the truth.

In addition, it is practical for health issues. Dr. John H. Tilden, M.D. in his book, Toxemia: the Basic Cause of Disease, states, “And when the truth is known that healing, or the power to throw off disease and get well, is wholly within the subconscious and is personal, we will know that curing and palliating by the administration of remedies-drugs, serums, vaccines, surgery, feeding to keep up the strength, etc. -are superfluous, meddlesome, an on the order of throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery.” This quote validates that the subconscious is the place where the root cause or origin is the basis for a manifested physical or mental circumstance.

I agree with Dr. Tilden that the innate holds answers for each individual condition. His comment has become a major influence when working with my clients. That is why research will never find “the answer” for an illness. Each person has a unique history for his or her own disease.

This next story tells how hypnosis bought inner peace and health to one teenager’s medical problem. Her grandfather called me and asked for help for his granddaughter’s frenzy. As I was working with her on her out of control rage, she happened to mention that she has a thyroid problem.

Fortunately, she was familiar with Edgar Cayce’s organization and was open to trying what worked for him. Because she was willing to try the procedure that resolved his laryngitis condition for her thyroid condition, we proceeded. In her hypnosis session, I talked to her subconscious and asked the origin of her thyroid problem.

The response she gave while in hypnosis was fascinating. It said that the body gave her this problem to take her focus off  her excessive anger with her parents. Her extreme rage was due to her parents dropping her off at her grandparents when she was a toddler. They wanted to continue their drugging and drinking. Her response to thinking their drugs were more important than she was, brought on her rage. Over time, her rage escalated into fury.  It said that she felt this abandonment so strongly she needed to have a different focus to cope with her daily life.

I then asked for the healing information. This time her body told her how to love herself and do loving things in her life for herself. One suggestion was to take bubble baths. The information was so caring and kind that it brought tears to my eyes. Our bodies want us well. It was trying to protect her from herself by making her sick with a thyroid condition. Nevertheless, the body will tell us how to be healthy.

She continued coming and after several months, she burst out with the good news. “I do not have to take my thyroid medicine anymore.” As we continued to work on healthy communication and relationships, another surprise came. As she sat in the recliner at the beginning of our meeting, she joyously announced her latest news.  “I am meeting my mother this Saturday afternoon at the mall to go shopping.” Her hard work on herself was paying off big time. She then built a relationship with her father and worked for him for several years. At the right time, she found another job like her position as a manager for his Subway Sandwiches. With more self-esteem and poise, she obtained schooling and now has a career in the medical field.

In addition, this process also worked with a client with Bipolar Disorder.  He came to me because he knew I was no longer on medication.  He wanted off his prescription, too. His regression went well.  I asked the body for the cause of his condition. That answer was astounding. It told us that Bipolar Disorder was a decision to run away from life, as his drinking was a decision to run away. He immediately made the decision to stop that kind of behavior, as he wanted to be rational and sane.

Working on a healthy mindset and behaviors to respond to life’s problems instead of react in fear, replaced his old thinking and actions. He was able to develop his music career and make records. The last time I saw him in a different setting, he was a happy fellow, well adjusted, and enthused about his life. Helping people resolve concerns through hypnosis, is a wonderful way to restore a positive life style.

Reverend Marilyn L. Redmond, CHT, IBRT, BA in Ed, International Speaker, International award winning writer, international author, International Consultant, International Columnist. International Board of Regression Therapy, Therapeutic Hypnotist, Past Life Therapist, Ordained minister for spiritual counseling artist, and gives psychic readings




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