David Rockefeller and the International Banks

20160828_200141[44231]By Jason Hammond, Contributor, Culture of Awareness

Was it some sort of uncanny coincidence that the E.U. (European Union) and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) were both implemented simultaneously in the same exact month of the same year, November 1993?

What or who could have possibly orchestrated such a thing … can you imagine all the disparate interests involved in making that happen?

One of the very first things Bill Clinton did when he became the so-called most powerful man in the world, one of his first major initiatives was NAFTA.

This following, many people believe, a meeting between Bill Clinton and David Rockefeller, who founded Chase Manhattan in 1949, which then became one of about a dozen international banks to “buy into” the U.S. Federal Reserve that not only manages but prints the dollar … the so-called U.S. central bank even though it is not part of our country or government at all and is privately-owned by the aforementioned dozen or so international central banks, which of course means by the those that OWN those international central banks, such as David Rockefeller via Chase Manhattan … and the Rothschild family (via Rothschild Bank of Berlin) and the Warburg family (via Warburg Bank of Hamburg) … etc.

David Rockefeller, at over 101 years of age, is on his sixth heart and third kidney. (He recovers on his gorgeous private island after each surgery.)

The House of Rothschild in its entirety, with its British and French branches, are estimated to have a net family worth of $500 trillion.

At 101, David Rockefeller is far older than the other current Rothschild patriarchs. Lord Jacob is merely 80 and his cousin Sir Evelyn is 84 … Sir Evelyn Rothschild was formerly head of the Bank of England, and his wife Lynn Forrester Rothschild and Hillary Clinton are personal friends, as the latest email leaks reveal. (See link in comment section.)

David Rockefeller, as the oldest remaining of all these lumbering dinosaurs (think J.P. Morgan, etc.) has a great amount of seniority, with the wealth and power to prove it. But then there are quite a number, relatively few, of interconnected members of this inner circle of the obsolete world Iron Bank cabal that owns and puppetmasters the entire banking-military-industrial complex. Some of their names you’ve heard, many you haven’t. But David Rockefeller is right there at the top.

Those rich fat cat families in the fine vests and top hats from yesteryear HAVE NOT GONE ANYWHERE AT ALL! Except into higher and greater financial and subsequently political familial ascendancy … the survival and ascendancy of the family … to the point it’s truly beyond belief how much power and influence and CONTROL they have now long wielded over western civilization..

See, the purpose of implementing the E.U. and NAFTA is all about creating large economic blocs under single currencies. NAFTA created a large North American bloc under the hegemony of the dominant dollar. The whole foundation of the economic constrict of the European Union was (and is) the Euro … the currency created specifically to bloc together all of Europe under it.

The creation of such blocs … and why the E.U. and NAFTA were sweepingly enacted within weeks of each other which really dud occur historically … these blocs are necessary steps to ultimately uniting ALL of the blocs and currencies under a single, global bloc and currency. You can literally SEE them doing it, their antics. Just as George Soros – banking cabal minion and financier of the Leftist agenda in America – has called, by name, the “New World Order” …

Must we rise up with pitchforks and storm the castle walls? (Actually, in point of fact, the Rothschilds and Warburgs and all those family bloodlines really do live in castle estates throughout Europe.) Must we rise up and drag these Khazar Jewish families, Lord Jacob Rothschild or Sir Evelyn Rothschild or any and all of the rest of them into the streets on live TV?

No. None of that is necessary. Or desirable. Or constructive.

Instead, we must simply SEE the banking-military-industrial complex and its Bilderberg Group system (of Babylonian money slavery) for what it is. See it and how it works and what their very real plans have both done and entail … see it all and SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILDFIRE ! ! !

And in doing so the banking-military-industrial complex global slave system … aka “the Man” … will simply dissolve and fall away, with ALL of it coming into the Light.

Can you imagine, truly fathom what that will mean?

It’s not just “coming” … it’s happening as in right now. Very much in process.

I absolutely and quite deeply believe that the reason why the West is being so openly and flagrantly flooded with immigrants is to incite fear for control. It’s these people in action.

You must understand. They are very used to true control, absolutely believing it to be their familial birthright and rightful place, at the very tippy top.

Historically, the Rothschilds funded Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolsheviks as well as Hitler’s building of the Third Reich … that came from Wall Street. And who has long controlled Wall Street?

See how deep it goes? The initial mind-boggling profundity of it all? It’s deeeeEEEP how enslaved has been humanity. Even wealthy people are but wealthy slaves, no question about it.

And let me tell you. Freedom is not to be found in money or revolution. It all starts within. Just by initially seeing it, seeing the banking-military-industrial complex. Seeing that, at over a century old, David Rockefeller is REAL.


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