Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: What Can the Sun Do but Shine?

via Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org

God said:

Constant awareness isn’t a technique. Constant awareness isn’t something you do. Consider it more like a candle you light that keeps burning brightly. The candle simply stays lit longer. It is a long-lasting candle without your having to keep reminding yourself. You can keep benefiting from constant awareness without having to re-strike a match.

Your desire deepens. Desire, not need, deepens. It is a good thing to desire. And your purposes in desiring are also instrumental. Certainly, you desire awareness of all that is beautiful. Of course, you desire deeper and constant awareness of Me for yourself, yet there is something more than desire for yourself.

It is an inevitable choice you make for awareness. Your choice goes above and beyond your personal desire. It is your personal desire made for the good of the Universe whether you are aware of this or not.

You come across a desire for the well-being of the world and deeper yet for all the beating hearts in the world who also desire what you desire. No longer can you desire good just for yourself, or your family, or your country. Consciously, or unconsciously, you relish the good of all, and you relish your desire also as it serves on My behalf.

You desire to prime the pump. You desire to share. You desire to express your gratitude. Yes, your gratitude is to Me, and your gratitude and awareness are for all. This is the greater and constant awareness you have now that can just about run itself. Desire and fulfillment are One and the Same, just as you and I are One and the Same.

There is nothing you can do but desire the Good of All, for you get it that We are One. It is not possible to separate yourself from Me nor from all the constituents that constitute you. There is Great Oneness – it can only be great. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone in the seeming world pulls everyone else who makes up the seeming world. This is how it is. Without everyone, there is a heaviness. No longer can My children think of life in isolation.

As when you are a mother or a father, it is simply natural and easy for you to share the bounty of the world with your child. You can’t even think of leaving your child out in any way. To nourish your child is your desire. It is your Way of Being.

When you have your own two legs, you walk on them. When someone else needs you to give him a life, you can’t ignore it. This is how the world becomes yours, and you are in service to it. It is unthinkable not to. It would be impossible not to. It would be denying your very Self not to bring all along with you.

You are incapable of blinding yourself to the Sun. You are the Sun, and everyone is the Sun with you.

Who carries? And who is carried? There is no difference.

How does the Sun shine? It shines by shining.

Love cannot separate. You cannot detour from the Heart of God you exist in. There is no load to pull. There is only the Sun to look at and adore. It is impossible for you not to smile. It is impossible for you to not love for you are made of the same love as I. From this desire of yours, Love in Your Awareness rises and rises until you are Risen.

You are doing no one a favor. Perhaps to yourself, it could be said that you are doing a favor. It is not even that you rise to the occasion. All you can do is to rise to your natural height. This is all you can do, and this is all you want to do. It is your choice even as it is not a choice at all, for what can the Sun do but shine?

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