Running Through My Mind

A poem by Nigel David Richey, Contributor, Culture of Awareness

Running through my mind, a different pace a different kind, attempting to unwind a new perception that builds strength in kind. Adding to the definition of true sublime asking for more divine questions to expand the signs.

The visions past division begging for more uplifment as fulfillment, dividing focus to impliment a new purpose of pure intent, grabbing coincidences to use as witness of history in the making, creating new highs, remembering old bonds that’d make you cry, a gift of forgiveness….

I’ve been livid with my time, old shadow old crime, moving past these walls of mine to get a glimpse of the future once left behind. Decide for yourself what’s inside, become a master of self and you’ll find, pleasure beyond what anyone can’t define and retake your place as the Gifted Creator making things shine ~

Once again I call to you its time to be Divine. Once again, I’ll talk to you, remind you of all things that once held you blind ~

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