The Right Use of Will

Sacred 100

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m beginning to think that we have a skewed view of the right use of will.

In the old Third, we saw will as something we used to alter the external circumstances. Often that translated into using it to try to push people around.

In what lies ahead, I think our view of will needs to change in two important respects. First, will needs to be seen as something that we use to push ourselves around with, so to speak, to motivate ourselves to get up out of a chair and do something.

The right use of will is to mobilize ourselves and our resources to get something done.  In matters involving others, my resolve is to respect their free will, their freedom to choose for themselves. In my view, a failure to respect the free will of others is the major omission in our global culture or way of being.

Second, who it is that’s seen to direct the will will alter. It used to be the personaliu=ty that used the will on others, the image-constructed self we presented to others.

This complex of thoughts and emotions conditioned and directed our behavior in Third Dimensionality.

Now who directs the will needs to be the heart, the seat of love. Or I could say that love needs to direct the will.

It’s a time of the resurgence of the divine feminine. The divine masculine aspect of will, inherent in one’s own self, now needs to be directed by the divine feminine aspect of love, inherent in one’s own self.


That having been said, I’m also wrestling with exigencies that are beginning to arise from the financial-wayshowing work I’ll be doing.

I was seeing today that I had an inner conflict between wanting to be universally loving and needing to protect myself from unwanted contact from people I probably won’t be travelling with in the future.

It showed up for me like I could either work vigorously to end world hunger or get deeper involved in predictable local problems and I wanted to be unequivocal in making it known that I’m here to work vigorously to end world hunger.  I knew having to decide this matter would come some day. I didn’t expect it this soon.

What I saw was that there are different roads for people with different soul contracts. If I wanted to be universally loving, I’d have chosen the path of bhakti yoga, devotion, or love.

But I’ve chosen to work in the world and so I chose the path of karma yoga, action, or service. This path brings me into contact with people in work relationships. It has its own self-discipline.

Some people may be wonderful to work with; others may have ulterior motives, codependent needs, even larcenous intentions. On the path of karma yoga, it becomes necessary to make distinctions that decide relationships, decisions that one wouldn’t need to make in bhakti yoga.

But I do get that even making decisions not to go forward does not block or impede me from loving the other person. Nor does it get me off the hook for seeing that love rules my use of will in any actions taken.

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