Heavenletters: A New Light on Life

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God said:

Have you perhaps been bemoaning your life? Have you chosen to complain about Life rather than to move on with it?

Beloveds, if you give thanks for Life every day when you awaken in the morning and every night when you go to bed, how might your Life take on a new light?

Agreed, Life on Earth is not always a walk in the park. Agreed, Life on Earth is not always what you would like or expect, yet Life is Life, and there is more to Life and your Life than meets the eye.

Beloveds, whatever you do, do not feel sorry for yourself. What an indictment self-pity is. Feel sorry for yourself, and you sentence yourself to unhappiness. What a lazy thing to do. In lieu of self-pity, get on your horse and sally forth.

Think in the direction of what you could be glad for. If not glad, think in the direction of what of Life you can be even a little grateful for. It is not for you to poke holes at your Life.

Pause in the midst of complaint to give credit for the Gift of Life. “Hey, God, thanks for this Life You gave me.” Beloveds, receive in good grace what you have been given.

Whatever you have been given or whatever you have not been given, there is great opportunity before you. You are alive for far greater than just hanging around and finding fault. What is the corollary of finding fault but lack of gratitude? No longer devalue your God-given Life. Perhaps now is the time to think of Life as a gift given to you, seemingly out of the blue.

Life offers you a sea of opportunity. Correlate Life on Earth as an Adventure on the High Seas. What requirements and laws does Life require of you? Who has made the decision that life has to be hard? Who perpetuates that idea? Your Life is not separate from what you make of it.

In life, you may order a piece of cake. Instead of a delicious moist cake, you might receive some tough gristle. Will you throw your hands up and shout, “Foul,” or will you good-naturedly say, “Let’s chew this tough gristle. Sooner or later, we will be done with it.”

If Life were all peaches and cream, you might not like it so much as you think you would. You may think it would be wonderful to live where the sun is bright every day — until you move there, and then you yearn for a cloudy day.

All in good measure, beloveds. Life in the world is not always a fancy restaurant where you are served a fabulous choice of menu. Be glad for the food that you do receive.

Life is what it is. If you want a strawberry milk shake, and you are served skimmed milk, drink the skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is a Life Experience, too. Everything in Life is an experience.

I am not just telling you to make the Best of Life the way someone who is in jail might be advised. I am suggesting that you relish the taste of everything. Remember you are on an adventure.

When you are on a ferry boat, enjoy it. When you are on a steamship, enjoy it. When you are on a lifeboat, enjoy it. When you are paddling a canoe, enjoy it. Enjoy every morsel of life.

You can’t always pick your adventure. Perhaps the only good of it that you can see is getting done with it. In that case, enjoy getting done with it.

Whatever life may hold for you, there is something in it for you. You are here to taste a sampling of life, and so you are.

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