Why Do You Hurt Me? A Poem About Quitting Smoking

A poem by Nigel David Richey, Contributor, Culture of Awareness

Why do you hurt me like you do?
In the beginning I assumed we were cool.
Two lost Angels attempting to reconnect.
But this relationship has been one sided.
Because of you I’ve lost personal respect.
I won’t place all the blame on your name,
Despite your disregard for life, your obvious hunger for fame is what kept me in my lane.
You told me you loved me, I held your spirit even as it got vain. When you said you no longer needed me, I held on tighter just to maintain.
I’m addicted to you can’t you see?
I’m lost without you in my broken field of dreams.
Do you even care ? Would you even dare to spend some time to discuss how it is I let you rob me blind?
Would you be so kind as to heal these scars you’ve left behind?
Fuck it, I’m fine.
What hurts more is your no less Divine, than the elements which formed the blueprints for our minds.
I’ve decided to resign from this hopeless job I’ve been assigned just begging me to shine, above and beyond the darkness that’s yours but you’d surely call it mine.
What’s funny is that it’s not your fault, you never once uttered lies. About who you are in my house, my friend it’s time to break ties.
Between the eyes you’ve hid in disguise to show what hides between our lines.
Why do you choke me like you do, when I only wish to be close to you.
It’s true I’ve chosen a better future that’s new, can’t I keep the air in my lungs, or must you rob that too?
I’m desperate to let you go, even if you were never truly mine.
I’m desperate to let you know, it’s time to say goodbye.
I’m desperate to leave and grow, let you whither left behind.
Thinking that Cigarettes were once my friend , has been my only crime. I won’t spend another dime on you,
The man’s got to go within and chime ~

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