The Friendship Case: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact? – Part 2

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness

(Continued from part 1)

Underground Bases

The W56 had bases deep underground, which they made by opening a hole underground and compressing the material of the earth into ‘hard walls’ (1).

Each base required a force field to remain in use, and the earth would reassume its original shape when the force field was turned off (1).

David Wilcock writes that the W56 could’ve been ‘displacing’ the underground material into a parallel reality:

“It appears the ETs are displacing the atoms of the earth into a parallel reality known as ‘time-space,’ liquefying them, and then pushing them into walls while they are in that configuration.

“The science of how all this is possible is revealed in my … book The Source Field Investigations. Apparently, once the ETs turned the field off, the walls just sprang back to their original form.” (1)

Because of the way these bases were constructed and operated, there was no need for a traditional entrance (1).

Their most important European base was in Italy, and Rocca Pia castle stood on one of its entry points (1). Their main base was deep in the Adriatic Sea and stretched from Ortona to Rimini (1).

Help Acquiring Fruit and Metals

According to Gaspare, Bruno (the main contactee) developed a telepathic connection with the W56 and visited their bases (1).

They asked Bruno for help acquiring ‘industrial size’ amounts of fruit, as well as metals that include strontium and barium nitrate (1). Bruno and his friends didn’t know what the metals were for, but as David writes, they’re common in most electronics today (1).

Image result for truckloads of fruit

The W56 didn’t eat the fruit. Instead, they extracted its nutrition and made a green pill out of it, one of which could feed the body for up to two days (1).

Once the trucks were brought to a specific spot, the fruit would be teleported off of the truck rather than unloaded (1).

No ‘outsider’ was allowed to witness this, and as you can probably imagine, acquiring all this fruit was expensive (1). Sometimes the W56 would pick up the tab by materializing money in a box ‘right in front’ of one of the team members (1).

However, they usually didn’t pay at all (1).

This caused financial problems for Bruno and others who contributed their own money, but their unified contributions kept a good sense of group cohesion (1).

“Help Us to Help You”

The W56 told Bruno’s group that in order for humanity to witness their presence in an undeniable way, we’d have to express a solid sense of goodwill (1). They said to his group: “help us to help you” (1).

This is just what his group did by delivering fruit and helping the visitors in any other way they requested.

As a result, the visitors agreed to schedule sightings by appointment (1). Yes, you read that right: appointments were being made to witness the starships of humans from other planets.

An individual would be given a place, date and time for contact, which provided the opportunity to take pictures and films (1).

Gaspare took a series of UFO photos that were reportedly planned by the W56, a couple of which I’ll share here (you can check out the rest in David’s report). His photos ended up in the second issue of Domenica Del Corriere in April 1962 (1).

Credit: Divine Cosmos
Credit: Divine Cosmos

Gaspare, Bruno and journalist Bruno Ghibaudi witnessed this planned sighting, and David credits Bruno Ghibaudi as one of the first journalists to take the extraterrestrial issue seriously (1).

Hundreds of Photos, Videos, Recordings

According to David, an ‘enormous’ amount of photo and video evidence was produced to prove the legitimacy of the contacts (1).

Much of it has been distributed, but most of it has been lost, stolen or kept locked away by contactees of the time who don’t want to be involved with the case any further (1).

There were ‘literally hundreds’ of photos, videos and recordings (1). Apparently, a lot of people were given the chance to meet the W56 in exchange for the help given by Bruno and his group (1).

Breccia reportedly has a file with the names of ‘at least’ 120 people involved, and there could be even more he’s unaware of (1). This contact extended to Germany, France, Switzerland; Siberia; Australia; Argentina; and other countries (1).

Photo of a UFO mid-flight by Gaspare. Credit: Divine Cosmos

Advanced Teleportation and Communication

The W56 used ‘advanced teleportation methods’ to materialize and de-materialize objects at will (1).

Gaspare called their technology ‘infinite’ and recalls the teleportation of various objects: film reels, slips of paper with answers to questions asked by contactees to the W56, and others (1).

He describes the objects as appearing out of thin air (1).They’d materialize near the ceiling and float down, or sometimes they’d appear on the floor and tap the bottom of Gaspare’s chair (1).

Communication with the W56 would happen in many different ways, one of which was through two regular radios (1).

Two identical radios would be set side by side; one would broadcast a normal frequency while the other the frequency of the W56 (1).

A loud crack would be heard in the radio used for communication, followed by the sight of a greenish flame and the cosmic visitors’ words (1). In one instance, Sigir was the one who spoke (1).

If you were to change the station on the radio broadcasting the W56, it’d continue to broadcast them unaffected (1).

A Beautiful Message

Audio recordings were made of some of the radio messages, one of which you can read the transcript of in David’s report (1).

The W56 uses that particular message to discourage us from distrusting our galactic family and encourage staying together and ‘tolerating [our] weaknesses’ instead of fighting over them (1).

They also encourage us to improve our sense of humanity and our friendship toward them (1).

It’s a beautiful message in my opinion, and it teaches that by embracing trust and affection (among other qualities), we can grow closer with each other and maybe even these enlightened visitors.

Image result for UFOs pyramids

So direct was the contact between the W56 and Bruno’s group that Gaspare recalls them inserting themselves into TV shows and movies (1).

He remembers watching a movie one day which was interrupted by scenes of their flying saucers (1). The voices of the W56 could be heard in the background (1).

(Continued in part 3 tomorrow)


(1) David Wilcock, “1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age — Videos, Documents!” Divine Cosmos, July 22, 2011 –

(Other sources embedded in article)


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