Krishnamurti Quotes: Is There Righteous Anger Ever?

From J. Krishnamurti Online

One of the most common expressions of violence is anger. When my wife or sister is attacked I say I am righteously angry; when my country is attacked, my ideas, my principles, my way of life, I am righteously angry.

I am also angry when my habits are attacked or my petty little opinions. When you tread on my toes or insult me I get angry, or if you run away with my wife and I get jealous, that jealousy is called righteous because she is my property.

And all this anger is morally justified. But to kill for my country is also justified.

So when we are talking about anger, which is a part of violence, do we look at anger in terms of righteous and unrighteous anger according to our own inclinations and environmental drive, or do we see only anger? Is there righteous anger ever? Or is there only anger?Freedom from the Known,52


One comment

  1. I’d say there is righteous anger, but it is not a justification to harm another. The only justification for harming another, I think, is to stop that other from harming someone else, and only when absolutely necessary.


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