Activating a Collective Soul-Capacity


What would it take for us to exercise our collective will?

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

What does it mean to “recover collective will”?

Everything I say here is meant to be read in spiritual terms and not in empirical-materialist terms.  The empirical-materialist paradigm is too small to contain the scope of events that are happening right now.

It has no room for a God who is transcendent and void. It has no room for our star brothers and sisters. It has no room for unseen beings, etc.

And without those beings as part of the story, this story cannot be told.

According to the sources I follow, the human race has been subjected to a process of dumbing down for a very long time.  Since World War II alone, that process has escalated through chemtrails, flouride poisoning, toxic vaccines, nano-implants, EMF, subliminal messages, and many other intentional strategies to dumb the population down.

Add to that the various wars that have been foisted on the world by a global group that Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex” and others call the Illuminati. Collectively we could conceivably be traumatized.

I don’t want to dwell on the past. I want to help shape the future. One of the things that has suffered over the centuries is our willingness to consider doing things collaboratively, collectively, as a global society.

In the process we lost our collective will.  Use it or lose it and we lost it. How do we work that muscle? How do we develop it again?

If we restrict our attention for the moment to the actual mechanics of the process of recovery, I think the spread of the exercise of collective will would proceed by the so-called hundredth-monkey effect.

Like all socially-accepted acts, once a certain number of people follow a new line of behavior, it can suddenly “take off” and spread throughout the entire group. This process was first observed in primates and called the hundredth-monkey effect.

In my view, what we need to do as lightworkers is begin to develop among ourselves, at greater and greater levels of inclusivity, our collective will. We need to exercise it, use it, study it, and promote it. Our facility with it and acceptance of it, I believe, will at some point win social acceptance and rapidly spread. The intensifying energies and our rising vibrations increase my confidence that that will happen. The only question would be when.

Let’s look at moments when collective will has emerged, if only for a brief moment.

The moment the horror of 9/11 registered on each of us would be one of them; the horror of the Kennedy assassination, another. The Chilean miners, Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake were other brief times when the world stood as one.

At moments like those, everyone is joined in a common experience so moving and profound that it unites us for a brief moment. It’s in unifying moments like those that revolutions are born.

All of us are catapulted into the experiential level of knowing. Some of us may even have realizations.

However, if we want to act on the common unity that’s forged in those moments, we can be disappointed. Those moments pass all too quickly and people go back to a level that can only be described as complacency. I think the planet’s controllers rely on this happening. We’ve lost our will in public affairs.  Individually and collectively.

If one wants to make use of those brief moments for the highest good of all, one finds it difficult or impossible.  It’s as if we’re given fifteen minutes a year on the electron microscope. It isn’t enough time to accomplish anything.

What we don’t realize is that we don’t have to wait for a catastrophe before we exercise our common will.

Take the example of voting. Voting as an Earth – in fair referendums, mind you; not the corrupted version served up as democracy at the moment – would be an exercise of global, collective will.

By exercising our collective will, by developing it, using it, asserting it, we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps to the level of a society that has recovered and activated that soul-capacity.

At a future date, people born into our society wouldn’t have to struggle as we did. They’d be in touch with their will as a feature of growing up in a society where  individual will is given due respect and the expression of collective will is accepted as a given.

If you asked a person how they exercise their will, they might not be able to answer you any better than if you asked them how to ride a bike. You just get the knack of it.

Getting that hundredth-monkey group of lightworkers together is the task at hand. That involves having many people who are in touch with and can exercise their will.

Then it involves organizing ourselves into councils, conferences, common efforts, and so on. Lots of work for lots of lightworkers.

If you don’t feel you’ve made the acquaintance of your will, let me summarize the process by which I came back into contact with mine.

My loss of contact accompanied my dissociation, after being yelled at by my father inches from my face at age seven.  Even after I put myself back together again, I was oblivious to the fact that I had never stumbled upon or reactivated my will. The subject was invisible. It never arose.

I came upon the subject through a process. I’m sure it was guided.  It took place during a two-month convalescence from prostate surgery. I found myself irresistibly drawn to videos of the Second World War. I tried to watch other videos and none held my attention.

At the time, I was super-impressed with the way the Soviet army rose from defeat to victory. Their determination in the face of probable death had a tremendous impact on me. Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk plus Operation Bagration…. Watching accounts of them over and over again gave rise to a sense of determination in me.

I listened to Winston Churchill videos and thrilled to what he said. Again I was drawn to his bulldog determination.

I began to go a little nutty with it and get aggressive because I was spoiling for a fight.

By now, I was actively studying the rise of determination in me.

That same day, I believe, I found myself noticing that I had a divided mind. I lacked singleness of purpose. There was constant chatter going on, for and against, yes and no, pro and con.

I saw that I was serving a wonderful cause and yet withholding a part of myself, grumbling and complaining.  I set about really looking into single-minded determination. (1)

One day I found myself walking down the street in a determined gait. It wasn’t artificial. My center of gravity dropped and I felt … substantial.

I quieted the mind in meditation and saw what an incredible difference that made on my determination. I felt single-minded determination. I had never encountered it in my life, except in moments of anger when the Humpty Dumpty Man would briefly fuse.

At that point I had the realization that Humpty, having put himself together again, was just now seeing that he needed to lead himself. He needed to find his will again. He needed to get going.

At that moment, I suddenly found my will, after a lifetime estranged from it.  I now have an ongoing, unified experience of it. Not just moments but consistent.

And I can “exercise” my will. I know where the throttle is and the brakes are. Hey, Ma, I got a will!

I can also suspend it and be meek and mild when I want to, as well.

My process involved more than just intellectual knowledge. When we look at finding and activating a soul-capacity like our will, we’ll need to bump our knowledge up to the experiential and realizational levels if we’re to activate it.  Intellectual knowledge – getting the idea of it – just won’t do the trick. It hasn’t the power of experience, the juice of realization.

After so many dirty tricks, assassinations, unjust wars, thievery and trickery being practised upon them, the citizenry of the world are probably traumatized. I think we have something like global PTSD.

We’re going to have to recover generally and, once we’ve recovered, then we’ll need to start over again.

It’s at that point that we as a global society will need to re-develop and re-deploy a robust and compassionate collective will.


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  1. fine post, and it all makes complete sense, how to get the collective will going in the right direction is the issue, something bigger than ourselves, I think that the world is in the throes of a great change, and this is being witnessed, in america, England, across the middle east, just about everywhere, how to put it in context is the next issue, but if we go back to ancient civilisations, there is evidence to suggest, that we are at the beginning of a new cycle, how to change our habits to a healthy way of life is perhaps most pressing, and healthy here, means mentally healthy, if the head is not aligned to the heart, how can we make good on all those promises. Seeking wisdom on the issue is a good place to start, blessings


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