Open Letter to Myself

A poem by Nigel David Richey (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness)

Here’s an open letter to myself. I know it’s been awhile, how’s your adventure ? How’s your health? I see you’ve gone and stumbled upon an idea that’s led you home. Finally figured it out have you? You’re truly not alone ?

I see you’ve decided to give up the game of kings and queens and thrones. I see you truly cherish what it means to be a sun. It’s lovely. You’ve won. And now the fun has just begun.

This song we’re singing, it’s just beginning, yet it already has been sung. You are my number one 🙂 I guess that makes us two? Whatever number, under whatever weather, I hope you know I’ll always be true. I wrote this just for you. This test is over soon.

Continue to pursue and act the way you do, don’t be afraid to consume. Every feeling, every emotion. Every subtle impression that’s dividing your focus. Every fear no matter how far and near, let it capture your heart, don’t be afraid to feel 🙂 nothing is hopeless.

You shouldn’t have to kneel, to break heavens seal. But approach with caution your believe in auctions, you’re soul is the only thing that’s real. Command life with zeal.

Your smile be the only I ever hope to steal. I’ll cook you a full course meal, of wisdom how do you feel? Prepare to stare into my eyes, I’ll show you just what’s real ~

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