The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

By Wes Annac, Openhearted Rebel

There’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom, and in my opinion the latter is more desirable. Knowledge is valuable, but the value of wisdom is underestimated in a society that worships the mind and ignores the heart.

So what’s the difference between the two? Knowledge comes from the mind and wisdom from the heart.

I’ll use my writings as an example. When I write reports with information about a certain topic, I’m sharing knowledge. To be more specific, I’m sharing the knowledge others have brought to the table on these subjects along with my own thoughts.

When I write from the heart on a topic I’m passionate about with no researched information, I’m sharing the wisdom I’ve gained in my short time in this world.

Wisdom Comes From Experience

For me, wisdom is a more meaningful form of knowledge that comes not only from the heart, but from your experiences.

I can share wisdom on topics I’m familiar with because of my experience with them. Without my experience, I would have no wisdom to share – only information.

Information has its value (especially since our society has been starved of genuine information regarding corruption or the way the world should function), but it becomes less meaningful when you begin to discover higher consciousness.

The intellectual stimulation that comes from learning and reciting facts pales in comparison to the bliss that comes from relaxing the mind and connecting with the Self, but after enlightenment you may still share knowledge out of duty or necessity.

This is okay as long as you take time to explore your soul through meditation or another spiritual practice.

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Knowledge Is Included

The pursuit of knowledge can be included in the pursuit of enlightenment as long as it doesn’t become the most important aspect.

Knowledge is obviously less valuable than enlightenment, but it still has value. You may be aware of its value if you believe we create our reality with the mind.

As long as knowledge doesn’t consume you or distract you from your spiritual quest, it can be used to create the life you (and the people around you) deserve.

So by all means feed the mind, but feed the soul too. Don’t neglect the latter, because you’ll end up disappointed and wishing you’d paid it more attention.

Most spiritual paths lead to the realization that our fixation on the external world and subsequent denial of the internal is the cause of our misery and sense of disconnection from God.

We’ve forgotten that the mind is an instrument given to us to help us navigate this crazy world, and as a result we focus more on it than we do the soul.

Despite this, utilizing the mind to its fullest potential won’t distance you from enlightenment. It might actually help you get there quicker.

It all depends on how you utilize the mind and whether you let the ego or emotions take over.

Once they take the wheel, your sense of isolation from Source will increase until you’re forced to look for some form of relief, be it through spirituality or other more destructive means.

The Soul Craves Wisdom

My point is that you don’t have to deny the mind; you can get the most out of it while maintaining an open heart and using this openness as a door to enlightenment.

Somewhere along the journey, you’ll realize that knowledge doesn’t hold you back but wisdom is far more valuable. The overactive mind convinces well-meaning intellectuals they need knowledge, but on a soul level we all crave wisdom.

The mind wants proof and cold hard facts, but the heart seeks the sacred wisdom of ancient enlightened masters. Fortunately, this wisdom is available to all who are open to it.

The heart and soul are rooted in compassion and love, whereas the mind is rooted in a mechanical, robotic understanding of the world.

Combined with love, the lessons life brings you will impart you with endless wisdom you can share with others through a creative outlet you enjoy.

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The power of love. Credit:

Entertainment vs. Satisfaction

Researching and sharing information entertains me, but writing from the heart satisfies my spirit.

Tapping into my inner creative wellspring helps me feel connected with a higher power, and it’s easy for me to discern the difference between knowledge and wisdom in my writing.

When I share knowledge, I reiterate facts and tidbits of information I gain through research.

When I share wisdom, I open the mind and heart to intuitive guidance and flow with whatever comes. I feel just as much like a channel as mediums that connect with spirits, because I share things that come to me from a space beyond the mind.

I love sharing knowledge, but to me, sharing wisdom is more important. Right now, a combination of both seems necessary.

We Can All Share Wisdom

Just like we can all share knowledge, we can all share wisdom from deep within and the first step is to be open to it.

Your intuition – the gut feeling that steers you in the right direction – is your link with the higher consciousness that imparts wisdom onto you and those with whom you share what you learn. So if you want to have any wisdom to share, listen to your intuition.

Most importantly, make sure you have a way to express it for others.

Writing and other forms of creative work unite you with your intuitive voice and give you an outlet to express it, and if you follow its path, you’ll find one day that you have become the higher self.

This is the purpose and ultimate destination of the process of evolution from this state of consciousness.

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