Time to Wake Up

A poem by Nigel David Richey (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness)

In time we switch places , different locations and arrangements. We look different in our faces, with each and every experience it takes to create us. You are the same Source that I am too. Time to wake up not for own own sake but that of the future you.

Our generations our counting on us, but hey that’s nothing new. It takes nothing at all to believe in yourself to get through. I believe in you. I see the light that surrounds you. I hope to God you escape the facade and bring your own rainbows to the room.

It’s never to late or too soon. To be that person in your mind that’s cool. Winter is chilly and the summer is hot, and our hearts are stuck in the middle just waiting to be unlocked.

Here’s a simple thought, when soul wants to hide away. I love you. Do you love you? If not then it’s OK 🙂 I’ll help guide you and show you the way.

Cause one day when I’m lost and go astray, I’ll need you to remind me that my spirit is always here to stay. A little area with shades of grey, a little hope on the scene to make the pain go away.

And again I pray, that you find your way. Let every emotion your holding, your purpose unfolding guide you to the light, free you from the darkness that’s molding you into something your not feeling, colder than zero° kelvin like a robot.

Here’s a shot, not of whisky though, a shot of good vibes to make you see clear. I’ve always been here, in your heart attempting to steer, your course towards North, heavens gates you’ll find near ~ ●○ ~ So jump on that tide and ride it with no fear .


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