We are All Love and Love is All We Are

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If I were to say “we are all one,” that might immediately cause our minds to protest. How can we all be one? You’re over there and I’m over here. Even after you say “we are all one,” we remain separate, many. Therefore how are we all one?

I’ve just done a meditation in which I joined with my twin flame and another person – N – and we all exchanged our love. The time it took love to make the circuit became shorter and shorter and, in the face of it, all that was not love fell away or disintegrated.

It became immediately apparent that how we are all one is that we are all love and love is all we are. Any boundary between me, my twin and N was blown away and we were shown to be nothing else and nothing other than love.

Anything else, anything other than love proved not permanent. Love was all that was left when all else dissolved back into … love.

The thought is inspired in me: That love may be all in all.

I distinguish between the absolute level of existence where we are all love and love is all we are and our everyday world – whatever dimension it is – where we are all separate.

Everything I said above applied to the absolute level.  It was never apparent to me while my consciousness was anchored in the Third (either location-wise or mentality-wise).

The seeing that we are all love and love is all we are was at the realizational level. (1) I consider that a peak moment, not enlightenment.

Usually the insight gained in that “Aha!” moment fades with time. We’ll see if this insight remains a living reality or becomes new belief.

“The Truth believed is a lie.” – Werner Erhard


(1) We “get” things at the intellectual, experiential, and realizational levels. The intellectual level means we get the idea of it, the concept. It has very little juice and certainly not enough to have us change a line of behavior.

The experiential level means that we deeply felt something. It can move us. It can invite the change of a line of behavior but may not prove enough.

The realizational level means that we got something with our whole body, whole mind, and whole spirit – that we surrendered to the essence of what was being communicated and opened to the full impact of the now-accepted knowledge. Realization may be the outcome (there is no hard-and-fast rule that can bind the divine to a formula). It definitely results in change of a line of behavior, if that’s in question, and may result in change of lifestyle, goals, missions, etc.

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