Changes, Stress, and Awareness

Butterfly 22

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

“Because of the merging of the third and fourth dimensional perceptions, and thus realities,” the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie said recently, “the octave jump into fifth dimension and beyond is bleeding into your daily life.” (1)

I can believe that. Along with all the really-difficult and deeply-embedded core issues that are arising, I’m also experiencing sudden moments of dropping into a momentary meditative state. Just sitting here and then noticing I went somewhere, and where I went was into a deep and tranquil state.

Or I find myself laughing and the laugh shades into joy and then the joy becomes bliss.

I’d like to discuss one way we can contribute to this migration to a more refined, Fifth-Dimensional vibration; also known as gradual Ascension.

When we get worried or anxious, we generate stress. And stress in turn generates muscular tension in the body.

Muscular tension turns a pretty dense non-conductor of refined emotions and thoughts (the human Third-Dimensional body) into an absolute non-conductor.

As a general rule, when muscular tension goes up, awareness goes down.

Therefore the maintenance and expansion of our awareness depends on our reducing and releasing (A) muscular tension, that lowers awareness (B) stress, that causes muscular tension, and (C) worries and anxieties, that cause stress.

The Catch-22 with our awareness is that, at the very moment when we most need it – when we face stressful issues or emergencies – our awareness decreases.

I was once in such a stressed-out state, during a fire, (2) that I couldn’t hear a man shouting directly at me from perhaps ten feet away. I “awoke” to hear him shouting. I’d been “out” for perhaps five seconds.

The fact that awareness goes down exactly when needed makes it all the more important to have well-practiced stress-reduction (and conflict-resolution) techniques such as sharing our feelings, feeding back, calling ourselves on our own numbers, sharing withholds, asking for listening, taking time-outs, etc.

Our greatest contribution to our own awareness and workability is, over time, to lower our muscular-tension levels by whatever means we can. Listening to music, getting a massage (from a friend, if money is tight), yoga, stretching, cyclical breathing all loosen the muscles that may have contracted. Play breaks the stress cycle. Laughing, like crying, releases muscular tension from the inside out.

I think that’s why Archangel Michael stressed play, joy and coming together in the last Heavenly Blessings. (3) And of course he emphasizes it with me in my readings regularly.

Stress release will become important to us in the weeks ahead. The stress of our financial stewardship will be great, especially in the creation/set-up phase.


(1) Suzanne Lie, “PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT,” by email, June 29, 2016.

(2) Vasana: My mother died in a housefire.  I was in a fire in a planetarium. It was quickly extinguished but I was totally reactivated. Wanting to rescue my mother. Grieving. Lost to the present moment.

(3) “Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Michael: It’s Time to Play!” June 21, 2016, at

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