Living Utopia

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Many people have written utopias, Sir Thomas More, Sir Francis Bacon, and Robert Owen among them.

The difference between us and them is we’re living into one; one is materializing before our eyes. And, best of all, we have input into its design.

Their utopias represented their farthest seeing while in Third-Dimensional density. Ours are taking shape even as we rise in consciousness, out of 3D denseness.

Just as they enunciated their utopias, so it’s appropriate for us to enunciate ours as well. Enunciating it makes it more real given that thought forms are creative.

This time around, it won’t be a paradise for just racial supremacists. Or religious fanatics.  It’ll be a paradise for everyone and no one will be able to enter it except they’ve divested themselves of their hatred and arrogance.

Even if they could storm the gates of heaven, they wouldn’t be able to tolerate the more refined vibrations there long. Back they would have to go to where their vibrations take them until they’re ready.

The starting point and the end point of our utopia’s foundation would be love. Love supports the universe. The Mother builds from love, preserves with love, and dissolves with love. It’s the most pliant, most persistent, all-purpose building block, the essence of everything.

When I look at my utopia, I see a society that exudes love. Loving thy neighbor would be its baseline, whereas to us it’s like a high ceiling, an unreasonable expectation.

I see no one in want. Everyone in the Fifth Dimension can create what they want. There’s no need for money and no one has jobs per se. Most people have a field they enjoy working in and they just enjoy helping.

This world that we’re building works because life at that vibrational level works. Life in the Fifth Dimension works, naturally. But we, in the Fourth in everyday life but in the Third in many of our habits, simply cannot imagine that state in which the world works, or experience it, and certainly not realize it.

For a period of about a year, I think, I was able to experience, first, transformative love and, then, bliss.  I can tell you that life immersed in either of those two states erases all problems, permits no down spells, and is sublime.  But I could never have guessed what it would be like, from Third-Dimensional density.

I’ve searched and searched for a way of overcoming the deficiency of words to convey the experience, the difficulty of getting an idea accurately across from one person to another, etc. I haven’t solved the problem. I have no way to “convey” bliss.

In the end, all that’s left to say about it is what Ramakrishna said: It doesn’t matter how you get into the lake of bliss. You can walk in, run in, jump in, or get pushed in. The secret is to get in it.

If we were all in bliss, this world would work naturally and we could all go home. Our responsibility, as I said a few days ago, is for this interim, transitional period between now and Ascension. Remaining here after is optional.

We’re carving a pathway through the forest that others may come this way.  Almost the entirety of what we do will be superseded, the only question being when. But we’re brush clearing, nonetheless – making distinctions, articulating values, mapping the territory, for those that follow.

Just like any pioneers, we’re clearing the land and building the roads. At most we build a few log cabins. Later generations will erect the more imposing structures.

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