Resisting Love

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I was wondering if I was the only one challenged these days. Issues, self-inflicted wounds, general grouchiness.

And then, in my mind’s eye, I saw this gigantic tsunami (1) bearing down on all of us and sweeping everything away. No one escaped it. It made everything else irrelevant.

And I said to myself, anyone who resists this tsunami of love is going to add to their suffering. If I resist it by having an issue with someone, it’ll break me. If I allow it to sweep me away, I’ll be liberated from all this. (2)

But it’s so hard to get down deep into that insight.  I so want one more kick at the can.

The reason we’re not aware of the tsunami is that it’s happening gradually in our timeframe. It’s slower than the slowest movie reel. But eventually it’ll sweep all in its path.  We call that “Ascension.” It’s gradual but general.

Rather than resist it, we should be diving into it. Me first please. Splash!

What’s the secret to ceasing to resist? Surrender, Archangel Michael said recently. To changing direction? Taking leadership over ourselves. To creating conflict? Creating love.

All three are needed, but none like the last.

How do we know things are not working? Because there’s conflict around us that we’re in the process of creating.

We can only lead ourselves. And we need to lead ourselves out of resisting loving others or our circumstances. My having an issue with another is resistance to love.

I rebel against my better judgement, create conflict, and feel justified.

I win approval for myself in a Third-Dimensional world. I’m then right and feel smug.

But that’ll win me the battle and lose me the war.

You’ll have to master every thought and feeling, the Arcturians said. So it seems. Today what I need to master is whatever in me prefers conflict to love.


(1) The Ascension energies; also called the tsunami of love.

(2) Sahaja Samadhi, which we attain after Ascension, liberates from the Third/Fourth Dimension; it brings moksha. The Fifth Dimension has twelve subplanes. We experience Sahaja on a subplane higher than the first, according to the Divine Mother.

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