Great Value and Bountiful Harvest Frozen Veggies Recalled Due to Listeria

By Anna Scanlon, Natural Society

The National Frozen Food Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of some of its frozen peas and mixed vegetables due to a possible listeria contamination.

Included in the recall are any frozen peas and mixed vegetables packaged between September 2 and June 2 which have the brand name First Street, Bountiful Harvest, Great Value, Market Pantry, and Live Smart. Green Cuisine is also recalling their pesto salad with arugula due to possible listeria contamination.

Although there have been no reports of illnesses or death, customers are advised not to eat the recalled products and instead return them to the place of purchase. They are eligible for a full refund.

Listeria can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe headache, muscle aches, abdominal pain, and stiffness. Young children and the elderly are especially susceptible, as are pregnant women as it can cause a miscarriage. If you experience symptoms, it is recommended you contact your physician immediately, as antibiotics will be required.

Here is a list of the recalled products:

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