3 Important Concepts Taught by Meditation

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week – Meditation teaches three important concepts:

  1. There’s no need to take life so seriously
  2. God and spirit are everywhere
  3. Desire can hold you back or help you achieve great things

I’d like to share some thoughts on each of these concepts and the role played by meditation in helping us integrate them into the way we see the world. Integrating them is an important part of the evolutionary process, but it can be difficult without some kind of meditation.

You don’t have to practice traditional meditation or experience the visions it’s often associated with to learn them, but different things can open your mind and get you thinking in the right direction. They could thus be likened to meditation.

Examples of nontraditional meditation include creative work, exercise, and anything that helps you calm and empty the mind so your thought stream is open to the heart and intuition.

Living from the heart is a form of nearly constant meditation (though not in the traditional sense), because in this state, you no longer need for anything.

You’re perfectly content with what you have, and you don’t feel the need to seek or strive.

Jah provides the bread.Bob Marley

The heart provides everything you need on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, and if your vibration is aligned and you don’t impede your own progress, Source will give you what you need in the physical world.

Whether you sit down and close your eyes, play a sport or even go out for a motorcycle ride, the calmness of mind (and subsequent release of the thought stream – it still flows but you can detach from it) will help you realize how crucial the three aforementioned concepts are to the evolutionary process.

The first concept deals with taking life too seriously and making yourself miserable:

1. There’s no need to take life so seriously

I’m sure any form of meditation will bring this concept to your attention at some point.

Have you ever gotten mad over something only to realize later that there was no need to be so upset? Have you ever had to take a step back from a person or situation so you could calm down and realize you overreacted?

When we don’t meditate, our thoughts cloud our awareness and make it difficult to see clearly through our biases and negative emotions.

We’re more likely to get upset over something meaningless in the big picture, because we haven’t cleared the space in mind and heart for those higher vibrations that calm us and remind us that despite life’s stresses, everything is okay.

We’re supposed to enjoy life – not loathe it or let it upset us every single day.

Since meditation calms the mind, it reduces our chances of reacting angrily or succumbing to the mental agitation that has captured most of the masses.

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