Out of This World: Sleep Paralysis and Out-of-Body Experiences – Part 3/4

Credit: examinetheglass.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

(Continued from part 2)

Story #4: Into the Heart of Darkness

The next story by Louise R. is a little dark and may confuse my fellow meditation enthusiasts.

Meditation is an undoubtedly positive spiritual practice that can calm the mind and induce deeper states of consciousness, but assuming this story is genuine, even it can open you to something negative if you aren’t careful.

I wouldn’t let this story make you fear meditation, but it’s good to be mindful when exploring deeper states of consciousness or opening yourself to certain entities in these deeper states.

Louise learned that by entering a meditative state, she could attract benevolent beings that would teacher her concepts she couldn’t fathom in her normal waking life but could understand perfectly in this higher consciousness.

She meditated regularly for a year and a half, and on five separate occasions she received overwhelmingly blissful energy ‘downloads’ that lasted approximately 20 minutes.

When she looks back on her writings from around this time, she sees that the guidance she received was positive, heart-centered and intended to help her grow spiritually. This all changed when she experienced her last meditation in May 2010.

She stopped meditating after the experience you’re about to read because it was so disturbing, and like others, it points to the presence of negative entities that try, sometimes successfully, to infiltrate a higher-vibrational space.

It was around 4 PM, and she was sitting in front of the television in a relaxed state. She began to enter ‘the zone’, and she saw out of the corner of her eye what appeared to be a black cloak swooping in through an open door. She writes that it was ‘gliding and bobbing’ as if it were under intelligent control.

What followed was undoubtedly the darkest and scariest experience she has ever had. The entity glided toward her and floated near her mouth as she was exhaling, and with her next inhale, it entered her body.

She literally breathed it in, and she actually felt it in her body. It flew back out as she exhaled again, taking every last bit of her breath with it and transporting her out of her body to somewhere totally different and unfamiliar.

In the blink of an eye, Louise was gone from reality and in a new world of darkness and emptiness. She was in a ‘completely black void’, and she couldn’t see or hear anything.

Credit: topyaps.com

At first she was confused, but she soon came to the inaccurate conclusion that she was dead. She felt this way because she was lost in a space of pure nothingness; exactly what mainstream science tells us to expect after death.

When the thought that she had died took root, Louise was shown a reel of her life experiences up to that point. The images ranged from her childhood to her adult life, and she saw everything she had ever done and experienced.

She also saw all of the opportunities she missed throughout life, and this caused her to feel saddened over all she could’ve done but didn’t. Since she still thought she was dead, she felt that she became aware of all of this too late.

She was gone from the earth and had no way to take the opportunities she missed. She started to panic, because being lost in darkness was in no way a part of her life plan. She didn’t want to exist in nothingness; she wanted to live and have all those experiences she didn’t realize were available.

She felt a sense of despair as she cried heavily for the life she could’ve had. She wished she had seen more clearly before, and she felt as if she’d wasted the life she was given.

As she contemplated the implications of being ‘dead’ and gone from the earth, the ‘thought consciousness’ that communicated her missed opportunities helped her realize she was on the earth for a reason – to take future opportunities to share what she knows – and she could return to live her purpose.

She woke up right after that, and she’s been too afraid to meditate ever since. It’s understandable to want to avoid deeper states of consciousness after something like this, and hopefully, Louise can eventually meditate again worry-free.

Different meditative methods work for different people, but I definitely don’t recommend having the TV on when meditating. Television is a lot like meditation, in that it brings your brain to a similar relaxed frequency where ideas and symbols can easily be communicated to the conscious and subconscious.

This kind of power can be used for good or evil, and unfortunately, secret societies in control of much of the world use it for evil. In my eyes, it’s easy to see how something negative could happen if you meditate with the TV on.

In my opinion, it’s a lower frequency mind-control device that, like the Ouija board, can open you up to demonic energies, entities or thought forms.

I’m not trying to place blame on the writer for having the television on, and no matter how they meditate, nobody deserves to go through what she did. Hopefully, healing will come to her and she’ll eventually be able to connect with higher vibrations again instead of demonic entities.

(Concluded in part 4 tomorrow. Source embedded in article.)



  1. I believe TV’s can cause negative effects with meditation and also people who are highly sensitive, as just after my awakening while looking at a blank fuzzy TV screen I could create shapes and that spiraled around the screen, then when I stopped playing with them and just observed, pretty horrific beings appeared with a shocking presents from them, which made me turn the TV off and I haven’t played with it since. Though most TV’s don’t now usually have the old style black and white fuzzy screens like the ones years past. most likely can act as a low vibrational portal for entities, beings and parasites. Though I had a creepy experience with it, I’d be interested in what I’d see two years later to see if it would be the same outcome or not.


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