How Can We Tap into the ‘Source Field’?


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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To begin for this week: Let’s assume for the sake of this discussion that the spiritual community is right about everything we know and believe. Let’s assume there are higher dimensions beyond our comprehension and spiritually evolved guides who want to help us with our struggles.

Let’s assume the ‘Source Field‘ is real and we can tap into it with a little effort. Let’s assume telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel, even time travel are all real; we have all these incredible abilities we know nothing about and they wait for us at the next level of our existence.

Assuming it’s all 100% genuine, what if you discovered ways you can attract these spiritual gifts right now? Would you try to build your life around them and the abilities that come with them?

I don’t agree with the idea that we have to live a certain way to attract them, because we’re on a spiritual journey and we should experience it uniquely according to what we know to be appropriate for us.

Living independently or making mistakes doesn’t make you any less of a spiritual being. Even when it comes to expanding your consciousness, there’s no need to be specific about the way you live just to please God or gain some kind of ability that isn’t accessible to everyone.

However, there are ways we can make the spirit a bigger part of our life and some of them may involve disciplines that were previously undesirable but, as we’ll come to understand, are necessary.

Certain disciplines like meditation help you slow down the mind and open up to Source, and exercise – another worthwhile discipline – helps you keep the body active so you can better absorb higher frequencies of light.

I believe this light has always been around and we can all access it, but it’s difficult to feel if the body is heavy or sluggish. It helps to get moving when the spirit isn’t flowing, because it brings the mind and body up to speed with the spirit while encouraging creativity and a zest for life.

Music can also help you express your soul and expand your consciousness, and some people swear that crystals contain positive vibrations. I like to think our creator put all of this here to help us evolve, and if the higher faculties often discussed in our community are indeed real, then we’ve been given an abundance of ways to access them.

We just have to figure out which way is best for us and become clear on the role the mind and heart play in getting us there, and many spiritual writers choose this path because writing helps them unite the mind, body and spirit while, in the case of creative writing, spending time in another state of being.

I like to think the ‘writing voice’ is actually the telepathic voice that can address certain subjects at length, and the more you write, the more you connect with this voice. When a writer experiences a block, they may be temporarily disconnected from it for some reason.

This voice ‘speaks’ to us all through thoughts we tend to think are our own, and there are subtle ways we can distinguish between it and the ego.

There are times when I struggle to access it, but it always comes back and proves to me that anything is possible with a little faith and effort. For this I am eternally grateful. Besides love or the direct connection with Source we seek, what could be more valuable at this stage of our evolution than the telepathic voice?

The stream of thought that entertains you all day long may originate in a spiritual place, but as many teachers say, quieting the mind and silencing that stream offers liberation by bringing you away from the confines of the crowded mind and into the open cosmos of an awakened third eye.

Despite that the thought stream might hold us back, thought itself could be an underdeveloped or misunderstood form of telepathy simply because it exists in a nonphysical space.

Some would argue that it exists in a purely mental or intellectual space void of any spiritual substance, but in my eyes, anything nonphysical constitutes spirit even if it consists of mostly intellectual properties.

Perhaps our thoughts are the key to grasping our spiritual nature through the mind, and understanding the value of the mind and heart will help us use them both to unlock the mystery of what we are.

It might not seem like much of a mystery by now given that we know we’re spiritual beings and we know the purpose of life is to learn, grow, have fun and eventually enlighten ourselves. However, despite what we think we know, we still have a lot to learn about this unfathomably infinite cosmos.

Telepathic abilities, the soul’s immortality and the incredible things we can do on this planet may pale in comparison to what we can do and learn in higher states of consciousness, and the mind and heart will guide us through it all as we educate others and prepare for our lessons and experiences on the next level.

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