Task Huge, Formal Training Zero

Sacred 11By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

On my short forays into the outside world during my three weeks of painful convalescence, I got to see another side of me and another side of people.

I talked about the other side of me recently. (1)

In terms of other people, I was struck at how very separate, compartmentalized, and exploited we all seem to have become.

Everyone I met on my travels probably working at minimal wages.  Too few store clerks running after too many tasks. No staff in sight for assistance.

Everyone since the Eighties has been pounded with cabal nonsense about dog-eat-dog worlds, terrorists behind every bush, etc., all of it a contrivance. All of it was designed to make us afraid and draw us into ourselves for protection.

Our financial sector has been Illuminati won, dominated and run. Every agency designed to protect us has a wing of itself that oppresses us – CIA, FBI, armed forces, the media, even the church. Every way to bleed the middle and working classes dry seems to have been or is being used.

Meanwhile there are loopholes for the wealthy that would cause the jaw to drop. Witness the ability of the wealthy to write off their bills with the IRS by applying them to a monetary figure assigned to each person at birth. Never heard of it? Not surprising.

Meanwhile too our children these days are brought up on violent video games, action movies, crime serials, etc.

Maybe it’s just me and the way I feel right now, but people seemed about as punch drunk as I can imagine anyone being before simply entering into the waters of “I Don’t Care.” The patient seems to need reviving.

How are we to revive those in society who’ve fallen into the lethargy of the exploited?  How are we to get help fast enough to those at the bottom of the pyramid? How are we to dislodge those at the top?

Many of the hierarchies we’ve created don’t work. A hierarchy based on beauty, of both genders, doesn’t work.  It denies to those who “don’t have the look” status, access, and other important things.

The class hierarchy we’ve built on the basis of remuneration, professional status, racism, and other criteria doesn’t work. It violates the basic law of the sanctity and equality of all life.

It isn’t that some people are “useless eaters” and others are not. There are no useless eaters and there never have been. To say otherwise is to condemn ourselves to lower-dimensional ignorance.

I became aware over my time away of how much work there is to do to prepare ourselves for the next chapter after the Reval. I also “saw” (in my imagination) how much work there is to do to assist others to ascend.  To build Nova Earth. To integrate all people – those from the local neighborhood and those not.  There’s oodles and scads of work.

I feel the need to begin addressing some very basic skills that we’ll need in common if we want to make our lightwork a collaborative effort, which would be orders of magnitude more effective than operating alone.  The task at hand seems so large and none of us took a course in any of it.  Where’s the manual, the handbook? No manual? Oh, OK.

At the beginning of any common enterprise, there’s most likely to be confusion and loss.  But we can minimize it if we begin discussing some very basic matters first.


(1) “The Value of Pain,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=276593


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