Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 6

A Masonic Hall in Toronto. Credit:

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

(Continued from Part 5)

32nd Degree Members Are “Royalty”

The material about the Knights Templar was added to the 32nd degree speech in the 1760s, when German masons claimed to receive special powers and wisdom while occupying the Temple of Solomon. Apparently, 18th century Masons were “direct heirs” to these Templar secrets, which set the stage for the Mason-Templar connection.

According to some Masons, 32nd degree members are simply known as Knights Templars and are automatically associated with royalty. The 32nd degree initiate is entered into the royal Masonic bloodline through ritual, and with this comes intense devotion to the order and equally intense hatred for its enemies.

It comes with support for your “brothers” in the order no matter the cost, and most importantly, it comes with secrecy.

David shares a picture of the 32nd degree sash:

Who Comprises the “Society of Men”?

On the sash, we see common Freemason symbolism; namely, the daggers on the side and the triangle with the number 32. A mysterious “society of men” is referred to in the speech, which makes you wonder if this small group nestled within Masonry is manipulating well-meaning initiates and lodge members across the globe.

Here’s another quote from the speech, which references the society.

300: You see, my dear brother, how, and by whom, Masonry has come to us.

You are to endeavor by every just means to regain our rights, and to remember that we are joined by a society of men, whose courage, merit, and good conduct, hold out to us that rank that birth alone gave to our ancestors.

You are now on the same level with them.

Avoid every evil by carefully keeping your obligations, and carefully conceal from the vulgar what you are, and wait that happy moment when we all shall be reunited under the same Sovereign in mansions of eternal bliss.

The word vulgar is used to describe anyone who isn’t a member of the order, and David points out that this secretive “society” must be the same people who tell 28th degree initiates to “crush the head of the serpent” that represents religion.

The 33rd Degree Initiation Ceremony

Before concluding this report, we’ll take a look at the rather vague description of the 33rd degree initiation ceremony from Light on Masonry that David shared in Financial Tyranny. Despite being vague, the description makes the ceremony seem pretty strange.

David writes that “All you read in Light on Masonry for the final 33rd degree is a rather ominous-sounding description of what the room is like where ‘the obligation’ is accepted.”

You see the words, “Deus meum que jus” over the door when you walk in, which translate to “God’s Authority is mine” (or “God Is Mine as well as reason and Authority”).

A “glass equilateral triangle” hangs down as you step into a canopy of purple curtains, and then you come upon a triangle-shaped alter guarded by a skeleton holding a sacrificial dagger in the attack position.

The skull and crossbones image is there, along with the highest ranking officer (aka “Thrice Puissant Soveriegn”). He wears a blood red robe with a black sash, he has a crown on his head, and he carries a sword. The number 33 is seen inside a triangle at the center of his sash, and a dagger can be seen going through the triangle.

This picture David shares of a 33rd degree sash shows some of the symbols:

The jewel mounted onto the sash features a double-headed eagle holding a sword, and the eagle’s beak, claws and sword are made of gold.

(Concluded in Part 7 tomorrow)

Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)



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