Heavenletters: Love Is Now in Fashion

heaven_logo_largevia Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org

God said:

What would you like to say to Me right now? Seriously, if you and I sat knee to knee, what would you want to say to Me? Would you be tongue-tied? Would you be mute because of all you have stored up inside you? Or would you talk a blue-streak and not let Me get a word in edgewise!

It wouldn’t matter. Between Us, between the One of Us, Silence also speaks, and, even if you babble a blue-streak, it doesn’t matter. We understand everything. There are no barriers between Us.

And, if you didn’t speak at all, what is it that words can answer now as We are inundated in love from all seeming directions? Love is the medium We live in. If Truth be known, love is Our Constant.

We know each other intimately. All is known before We speak. In Truth, nothing has to be said. We go beyond speech. We are One, and what does anything matter when We are together beyond any walls the world puts up? What is there to talk about really anyway that matters anywhere near the love We are? Our love is not only possible, it is established.

Our hearts speak. We are beyond and before language. We are bird-song. We hear Ourselves in the music nature sings. No impasse can exist between us. There is no interruption that can interrupt Our love, for We are attuned.

Nothing matters to Us except love, and We have all of it. We are all of it. Love is all, and all is love. We are incapable of not loving. You may feel you are not capable of loving or sustaining love when you are the very existence of love itself.

You might believe in anything but love. Please remember I believe in you. Do you possibly think that My belief in you means nothing? All the accoutrements you surround yourself with mean nothing. False beliefs mean nothing. You stagger under all the false beliefs you carry around with you. That is, you carried around with you in the past when you were ignorant. You are far more savvy about love than you used to be.

That you may feel you have abandoned the State of Love or have had your ability to love stolen from you or stepped on may actually mean that you are closer to Full Lovingness than you could have imagined. Thirst comes before water.

Your love will come through. Love will burst through all the gates you thought you had closed. Your destiny is to open Floodgates of Love. You are recovering your love which means you are baring your love. Your love won’t be able to hide any longer, nor will your love be able to hightail it. The time to love is now, and you are opening up full-force to love now.

There is such a swelling of love in your heart now that you fear you will drown.

Fear away: Love cannot take a back seat in your life any longer. Love is a-rising, and love is a-rising in you. Love is coming into fashion. This is True Love I speak of.

You do not order love around, nor do you demarcate love. You are surrounded and surmounted with love. Ego cannot stick around where love is. Love can fill anywhere and everywhere any time, even when ego thinks he is the king of the mountain. Ego feels crestfallen at the word love. Love swoops ego up and throws ego up to the clouds where ego faces the Immortality of Love.

Love has tapped you on the shoulder. With love palpitating in your heart, you will dance, and you will dance as you have never danced before. Love has stolen your heart only to give it back to you so that you can love all the more without rehearsal or even having to go to a studio to learn how to dance. My dear Ones, you were born to love, for love is your calling.

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