Eugene Sedlesky: Channeling Bliss Through Music

Eugene Sedlesky is pursuing his lightwork by interpreting the consciousness shift through music.  Eugene writes:
“I aim to embody a unique expression of the newly emerging energies — by channeling the states of bliss and unified self awareness through Music. I  was born with a gift of deep empathy and ever since a young age, I slowly regained more and more of my latent abilities to channel real-time awareness through the energy of musical storytelling and geometry.
“My music, just as any art expressed from highest joy, represents a language designed to go past our filters and right into our core, to connect and awaken those parts of us that are still in doubt or blockage, allowing us to gently guide them back into wholeness with our loving attention.

“That path is of course a work in progress that is a never ending upward spiral for all of us, and my life passion is to help people in their individual journeys in this way on a grand scale, so as to bring forth a healing for the collective.
“Here’s a snippet from one of my latest creations:
“This particular piece centering on the shift from Doing to Being, as the foundational springboard of Nova-Earth creation. The immense power that comes from manifesting in harmony with Universal Will comes only in first finding the pause of the gentle tides within the heart… to listen to and harmonize with this inner stillness and build upon that, to staggering momentum!
“May we all find our joy, our truth, in this space, and manifest our new dream as never before.”
Let us hear how you’re pursuing your lightwork, especially in this time before everything opens up.
Eugene is currently working through crowd-funding (check out ) to help further fund and share his new project and dream.

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