Everyday Sacred

sacred-union-flowersBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

My energy for the sacred is building and building these days, partly under the influence of the rising energies, partly under the influence of recent experiences.

Of course I’ve always described myself as an urban monk anyways so this draw or attraction is amenable to me.

In an earlier article, we heard the Arcturian Group telling us that “man, woman, child are material, third-dimensional interpretations of the higher truths of the sacred Trinity.” (1)

These relationships are therefore (or can be) in every way sacred. Conception is sacred. Parenting is sacred. Education is sacred. The family is sacred.

“Sacred” and “bliss” are indistinguishable. If I feel into “sacred,” I find myself in bliss. When I’m in bliss, life becomes sacred.

If I look back on all the times I’ve entered into the blissful state, many of the techniques I used dealt with the sacred: reading the lives of saints, chanting my mantra, thinking of my then sacred partner, serving the Mother, etc.

We need a new interpretation of sacred because right now the word conjures up “covered in dust” and “uttering nonsense.”  Financial corruption, manipulative dogma, pedophilia, and satanic rituals have induced many people to turn away from churches, ministries, and the (so-called) sacred.

What I mean by sacred is a life lived by the divine qualities, pure and simple. The divine qualities that love leads to include compassion, generosity, joy, persistence, humility, honesty, etc.

What I mean by sacred is a life lived deeply explored and fully expressed, all of it harmlessly.  Even seamlessly if our balance is in.

Deeply explored. Plumbed to its depth. Seen below the murk. Seen to the gold, the treasure, the heart of the matter.

Fully expressed. Expressed at no matter what the cost, known, utterly revealed. Standing forth, emerging, breaking through. Yes.

Perhaps I should call it “everyday sacred” because it isn’t separate from everyday life.

It’s easy to do by one’s self. It’s not so easy to do with another.

Therein lies the challenge because, working together, we’re tasked with building Nova Earth. And, if that work is not sacred, it won’t last. We have to build the New World on a foundation of the sacred.

We’re one day closer to having the tools.  Will we have the interactive skills?

Saul reassures us that “the inflowing energies will uplift and inspire humanity to move forward collectively to establish a harmoniously balanced way of life that honors all on the planet, without exception” – that is, a world that works for everyone. (2) Archangel Michael’s question then looms for us to answer, individually and collectively:

“What does this new world look like? How do we wish to construct it? How do you translate the values and essence of love, of freedom, of equality into a community that  is tangible but not restrictive?

“Supportive of the spirit, supportive of the love, supportive of one another, supportive of balance and nurturing and the freedom to explore, to build, to renew.” (3)

Will we make the work sacred? Will we remain with the vision of sacredness long enough to create this sacred reality – together?


(1) “A Gloss of the Divine Idea” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=274658

(2) Saul, Jan. 6, 2013, at http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com .

(3) Personal reading between Archangel Michael and K, through Linda Dillon, Jan. 21, 2012.

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