The Story of Us


By Rachel, Ascension Starseeds Cornucopia Weblog

I have always asked why. And how?  As in, “Why is the world like it is?” and, “How did it get this way?” Like all sincerely asked questions they have been answered many times, in many ways.

So questions about the existence of evil, cruelty and suffering can be followed back to their origins via at least three paths. Through the work of channelers and teachers. Through one’s own reading of Akashic Records, and through ones own soul/ cellular memories and those of others and their Akashic Records.

Though I have found that previous answers to some of these questions have often been illogical and/or unsatisfying. Humans have been carefully trained not to ask too many questions and I think in most cases the training has been quite effective. You have to go a long way to find anyone who can tell you where all these things come from and how they got started.

Likewise, if you are sensitive and aware, the existence of beauty, joy, communion, and creative power is proof of the existence of God and that love/light is stronger than hate etc. Again, what is self evident to many seems invisible to some.

They are as we say, in their heads. Our beginnings is fascinating to me and I find awareness of the origin of problems, stuck energy and imbalance a great basis for healing, for if a person’s imbalances do not go back to the very beginning of existence in a personal way, they do always seem to go back eons.

It is good to know that the subconscious/ higher self only allows the bringing forward of the information which the subject is ready to release/heal at any given time. Also that much  of held trauma/stuck energy can be sorted out and healed without that person having to revisit the original traumatic event.

A guide or healer can often do that for them, with their agreement, and the consciousness of the guide can facilitate the needed release, or at least initiate it. (These healings/transitions always happen in stages.) All the subject has to do is be open to feel better. What is trauma to the subject can be seen by someone who does not have a “charge” on the event, from a detached place.

Seeing the original event moves more energy than say just going back a few hundred years or even a thousand. We are not that young. Moving energy, especially moving out stuck  energy has been the name of the game for me for a long time. Again, there is consciousness, often in the form of Master Guides, or the true self which guides one through the process.

However no one can escape processing and the more we can be open to those aspects held off in the dark, the more profound and extensive will be the healing and transformation.

What fascinates me is that all these things we carry within us have been manifested and experienced and truly present,  in one form or another right back to the beginning of time and existence, and by God before the birth of our individual Souls into seperate existences.

Everything was there in the beginning and has mirrored and fragmented out from there.

We have also mirrored and fragmented out from the beginning and healing is not a superficial process.   It also goes on way beyond this planet and this dimension. However in the future process for most of the people reading this will not have the intensity of this Earth Experience.

I will write more of this unfolding story in future posts. For now let me say, God Bless You!

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