Balance and Heart Consciousness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The Company of Heaven often talks about balance. They say some actions balance karma. They tell us that peace will come when energies  balance themselves. They ask us to remain balanced.

What’s the significance of balance? I’m looking at the question in a series of articles I’ll be writing but I’d like to state some initial impressions, if I may.

For me, things in a system coming into balance causes them to cancel each other out. Whatever was problematic in the imbalanced state ceases to be problematic in the balanced state. The problem disappears. And it remains disappeared as long as the system remains in balance.

Conversely, if problems arise, it may be because something has become imbalanced.

To say “balanced” is, for me, to say staying in the center, in the heart. But we don’t generally seek to reside in or know or explore the secrets of the heart, in our society.

What Archangel Michael had to say about the “Frequency of Abundance” holds true for me for love, bliss and the divine states generally:

“The Frequency of Abundance … is Powerful, Pure and Clear, and, when you are aligned with it, everything in your life flows with Grace and Ease. But, in the present time, most people are unable to find this Frequency fully, seeking for it outside of themselves, and not in the Heart, where it is anchored and from where it Flows.

“This external seeking creates anxiety, stress and projection dramas, which means that people ‘fall’ away from the Frequency of Peace and Harmony and Oneness and ‘drop’ into the ‘illusions’ of the past, duality and fear and judgment. This creates an unstable environment that is explosive and ‘flammable.’” (1)

For me, the balance point, the center point is in the heart. If we were to see a vortex of energy going both ways – in and out of the heart – I think that’d be about accurate.

As far as I can make out, the heart is the doorway to higher consciousness, higher dimensionality, enlightenment, etc.  It certainly is the doorway by which love and bliss come down from higher dimensions to me in this everyday realm where I live, whatever its dimension.

To be in balance is to sit before the doorway of the heart and wait for it to open. Once it does, one can fall deeper and deeper and deeper into it, possibly forever.

Heart consciousness is the state our consciousness is in when soaked with love. Perhaps we should call it love consciousness. This domain opens up for us once our hearts are open.

Androgyny is a balance between male and female energies.  Equanimity is a balanced temperament.  Tranquillity is what issues from that balanced temperament. Balance opens door, usually to another, higher realm.

The place of absolute balance is also, I believe, the place of absolute stillness and silence. That’s the Father’s domain, the Transcendental.

My hypothesis is that balance and heart consciousness lead us to the silence and stillness of the Father. Now to do more research and test that working hypothesis out. And other hypotheses about balance.


(1) “AA Michael about The New Earth Energies April 2013,” through Celia Fenn, April 22, 2103, at

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