Bernie Sanders is Not Just Against Monsanto – He’s Also a Huge Supporter of Holistic Medicine

Bernie Sanders has acquired some pretty substantial points from supporters of alternative medicine.  His willingness to stand up to Monsanto and the Bio-Tech industry is only one  aspect of his goal for public health.  He is also extremely supportive of alternative health… and advocates changes to insurance which will allow for more holistic techniques.  

From Earth We Are One

Having followed Bernie Sanders’ career over the years, I’ve seen his devotion to public health and safety and watched as our welfare has been a common topic during his times at the congressional podium.

“After he arrived in Congress in 1991, [Sanders] backed legislation supporting acupuncture and other naturopathic remedies and held conferences on alternative health.

“No one denies the important roles that surgery and drugs play in treating disease, but people are now looking at different therapies in addition,” Sanders said at an alternative health conference in Burlington in 1996, one of several such forums he has sponsored.”

Sanders Praises New Healthcare Additions

“You go to facilities, whether it is in White River Junction or facilities around the country,” Sanders said, “and now as an essential part of their overall healthcare delivery, you have yoga. You have meditation. You have a strong emphasis on disease prevention and nutrition. You have a whole lot of therapies which 30 or 40 years ago would have been considered very, very radical.”

The use of yoga, meditation, massage and acupuncture in traditional healthcare have all been praised by Sanders


Sanders Thoughts On Alternative Health

“The Vermont Senator’s free-thinking approach to medicine—which has ranged from the accepted to the unusual—is reflected in part by his home state and by his politics. The Green Mountain’s granola culture and 1960s expatriate population adheres to the alternative in everything, including medicine.

“I would classify [Bernie] as a huge supporter of alternative therapies and natural medicine,” said Michael Stadtmauer, a naturopathic doctor in Montpelier who attended an alternative health conference with Sanders in 2010. “In Vermont we have a general friendliness toward [alternative medicine] that doesn’t exist in other states.”

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivers remarks at a National Nurses United event to honor Medicare and Medicaid's 50th anniversary on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 30, 2015.

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Sander’s Plan For Alternative Health

“When the human spirit is broken, when the life force is squashed, cancer becomes a possibility,” the 28-year-old Sanders wrote in the Vermont Freeman, an alternative newspaper, in December 1969.

Since he began his time in Congress in 1991, Sanders has:

-Convened meetings of healthcare stakeholders to discuss potential changes to the system

-Supported legislation to aid alternative medicine, including sponsoring a bill 2001 that would have allowed federal employees to be reimbursed for massage or acupuncture

-Supports medicinal marijuana and introduced a bill calling for the end of federal prohibition

-Sponsored a 2013 bill that would have allowed for veterans’ health insurance to cover alternative medicine related procedures

Sanders Speaks Out On Current Medical Practices

Comparing drug prices in the United States to those in other countries, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) condemned pharmaceutical companies that charge American consumers the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.

Other Leading Candidates on Health and The Bio-Industry

Clinton: Hillary is an ardent supporter of Monsanto and the Biotech industry, having hired a former Monsanto lobbyist to run her ‘Ready for Hillary’ campaign.

“Hillary and Bill have both accepted big fees to speak on behalf of Biotech (i.e. Monsanto) interests, and the campaign has accepted huge donations from drug companies, believed to be more than any other candidate.”

Trump: He has taken a few verbal jabs at Monsanto during his campaign run and also serves these foods to his family as well as some customers at his hotel chain.

While candidates consider their race for election, it is up to the people of the U.S. to voice our opinion of their plans for the health of our nation, and the future of our world’s food supply.

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