How Cultivating Initiative Creates Success In One’s Life


By Isabelle Beenen, Collective Evolution

Do you know what it takes to write your own ticket in life?  To create a life of joy, wonder, and abundance instead of a life of poverty, suffering, and victim-hood?

I’m convinced that I’ve un-earthed the seed of success that, if planted and watered in your own day-to-day life, will blossom into rewards beyond your imagination’s scope. I know this from experience because I have seriously put it to the test for the past 18 months.

All the credit is due to Napolean Hill’s major work, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, which was written at the turn of the 20th century. It is the original version of Think and Grow Rich before it was watered down for the general public and the key elements taken away.

So here it is: The key to success and the attainment of your goals is to develop the habit of initiative within yourself in the commonplace practice of your daily work, no matter what that work may be. Initiative stomps out the deadly habit of procrastination, which is the number 1 reason why people fail. How do you cultivate the habit of initiative within yourself?

Napolean Hill lays it out for you in simple 3 steps:

1) Doing one definite thing, each day, that ought to be done without anyone telling you to do it.

2) Looking around until you find at least one thing that you can do each day, that you have not been in the habit of doing, and that will be of value to others, without expectation of pay.

3) Telling at least one other person, each day, of the value of practicing this habit of doing something that ought to be done without being told do it.

It’s that simple, yet so profound. There’s something about doing this daily that unlocks an unseen force in your life which propels you forward toward the attainment of your definite chief aim. It also unlocks some kind of intuitive power that inspires you to action.  The results for me were astonishing, and I would like to share a few of them with you for the sake of example:

I went from working a minimum wage job for an employer to being self employed in the same field within a matter of 4 weeks, increasing my hourly wages by 100%. Within 12 weeks I started my own business in the same field and increased my hourly wages by another 50%.

I then began doing an extra 10 minutes of work each day that would be of benefit to my clients without them knowing, without expectation of pay, and over the period of a year my business’ annual revenue increased by 100%.

This without any form of physical advertizing on my part, solely by word of mouth.  These few examples are from a business standpoint application,  but many wonderful things happened in my personal life as well.

For all you awesome CE supporters out there, Joe Martino’s February 23rd newsletter titled ‘What’s Holding You Back’ illustrates this concept of taking the initiative beautifully. If it weren’t for him taking the initiative and practicing inspired action toward his definite chief aim of creating the conscious platform that Collective Evolution is today, serving millions of people across this planet, you would not be reading this piece!

Image Credit: Octavio Fossatti

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