Michelle Walling – Superpower Activation and The Collective Consciousness Field

By Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D.com

It’s an amazing trip to be connected to the higher vibrations of the collective human consciousness field. When we are connected, the thoughts we have can be downloads of what other people are thinking, and vice versa. Many people seem to be discussing Superpowers and DNA activation these days, as confirmed by my experience after our In5d conference.

On February 20, 2016, Gregg Prescott and I hosted In5d’s Superpower Activation Conference in Sarasota, FL. The main focus of the conference was DNA activation and we had seven high vibrational speakers give their take on the how and why of regaining our “Superpowers”.

I discuss over thirty Superpowers in the portion of my speech, as well as how to activate your latent DNA.

After the conference, I began to have a barrage of confirmation shown to me through the internet that many other people are discussing the same topics. I had no idea that so many people were talking about this at the same time.

James Gilliland: Invisibility and OBE (Out of Body Experience)

For instance, on the topic of the Superhuman power of invisibility, James Gilliland showed a picture of his friend Kan vanishing into his “rainbow body” at 2:30:33 in this video:

James continues to say that there is another earth that is just a little out of phase from this one, and there is a big division going on where a splitting of worlds is happening. He says that goes into the Hopi prophecies where “one world is going to rise up and those who choose a spiritual life aligned with nature will take the high road and go up”.

“Those who take the controlled technology program are going down”. “It is important for those of us that want to take the high road to make our own personal connection with Creator, start living under Universal Law, being kind to each other, and work in that direction to take the high road in the split”. Those who bought tickets to the conference know that my Paypal is tied to my company, called High Road Publishing.

In the same video at 2:32:53, James’ friend Lily is also caught on camera in a disappearing act. James mentions that sometimes at his ECETI ranch when he comes down the mountain from meditating others cannot see him, and when he speaks it startles people and then he re-appears. He says that he doesn’t know it is happening because the higher dimensions can see the lower dimensions very clearly and it is like nothing different is happening to that person. The lower dimensions have trouble seeing the higher dimensions. When you phase out, you are just a little bit out of frequency from theirs. James says that it is not that hard to do if you do your “practices”.

James further explains that we are always oscillating between a particle and a wave, and when you slow your energies down through meditative focus you become more of a wave of light, as shown in the video at 2:34:00. He next mentions that by “spinning his bands”, he can go up and out of his body (OBE), and shows an image of himself morphing.

At 3:27:40, James explains how the sun is going thought huge changes. As Gregg mentioned in our Harmonic Emergence meditation on Siesta Key beach the day after the conference, the sun used to be yellow and now it appears to be more white. James confirms this and that it is emitting a lot of different energies than it used to. James also says that “the sun is directly related to DNA changes”, and that NASA has proved that your Pineal gland can be opened through sungazing.

Nature of Reality Radio’s Andrew Fisher discussed the benefits of sungazing at our meditation on the beach as well. Andrew sungazes as much as possible and at different times of the day despite the warnings of “danger” from his mother who happens to be an ophthalmologist. James suggests that incredible shifts can happen in your consciousness through sungazing in the morning and/or evening, and can actually create physical shifts in your body.

Jeffrey Mishlove: Psychokinesis and Precognition

Next I was guided to watch Gaia TV’s February 2016 Season 5 show, Episode 7 where George Noory interviewed Jeffrey Mishlove, who is the sole holder of a Ph.D. in Parapsychology.  You’ll need a subscription to watch it, which you can purchase here.  Since this is a subscription channel, I’m not providing the video, but I have transcribed the part that was caught my attention.

Starting at 14:00, Jeffrey said, “Psychokinesis, which is the term for mind over matter, may be much more widely spread in the general population than is typically thought, and it might be the case that when people hear about doing it, it sort of frees up everyone else’s ability to do it. You get what the parapsychologists call the mini Gellars” (Uri Geller was able to bend a spoon through psychokinesis). This aligns with the theory I mentioned in the conference- when the first person activates their DNA to the perfected template and activates their Superpowers, then others will then be able to do it as well.

On precognition Jeffrey said, “You could think of precognition as backward causality. (paraphrasing) However, some people say that you can’t know the future because the future hasn’t happened. So it could be that in experiments of precognition who can identify the future… could it be that they are using some other skill in looking at the probabilities? Or could it be that they are seeing multiple Universes? Sometimes people see very precise descriptions of things that don’t occur. Or could it be that by an individual that is using psychokinesis saying this event or that event could happen, is it something that he causes to happen?”

I found this point fascinating because this is the exact conversation Bill Ballard had with Gregg and myself the night before the conference. Since we are all co creators of this reality, is precognition seeing into the future, or is it creating the possibility in our minds to occur? If the latter is the case, then I assume that having visions of a New Earth and accepting that as our reality could cause the hundredth money effect and push us over to that new reality or Universe that we all dream of.

I performed psychokinesis in the Pure Bioenergy Healing Class I attended with our conference keynote speaker, Zoran Hochstatter. I had no prior training in this, and picked it up in a matter of minutes because I saw Zoran do it and saw that it was real. I did it because I thought I could do it. A little open mindedness and a good teacher in the arts of changing your beliefs goes a long way in activating your Superpowers.

Here is an example of what I learned to do, which was simply an introduction to Pure Bioenergy Healing, ie. if you can move someone with your mind, you can believe in the miracle of healing:

Daz Smith: Remote Viewing and Re-living Cycles of Time

The video below shows the ability of Daz Smith, a remote viewer that has the ability to move his awareness from his mind into that of a target or subject previously unknown to him. In this case he did not know he was viewing John F. Kennedy right before and after his assassination. He describes what it was like for J.F.K.’s awareness of the afterlife.

The Farsight Institute’s Courtney Brown says, “Remote viewing is a trainable mental procedure that was originally developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes. We at Farsight are civilian, and we use these procedures for methods that are a derivative of those original methodologies to train remote viewers to transfer perceptual information across time and space, in complete violation of the classical laws of physics.”

This video proved to me that there are latent abilities that we have forgotten about, and can be accessed through practices. This begs the question that some Superhuman abilities can be triggered by remembering how to utilize more of our brain. Imagine the implications of the general public realizing that the knowledge of these abilities have been kept from us, and that we never actually die but just change forms in vibrational frequency!

This remote viewing experience also tracks the way that J.F.K.’s assassination unfolded as if the energy of the event had already happened before in a different timeline and the timelines were connected. Could this possibly show that we are always reliving cycles of time, and that these cycles may have kept us trapped in a type of “Groundhog Day”? Daz mentions in the video that the event he viewed transcends time, ie. it is timeless. If this is true, then is it possible that past life emotions that may be trapped in our energy field from past lives could be healed in this lifetime because all are connected?

Daz also says that time slows down at the time of the traumatic event in the minds of people witnessing it. Wow, this brought up a few ideas for me. For one, the emotional impact of the assassination on others was tremendous, and continues to be, and I have studied through other sources that this could have been a controlled event in order to harvest emotions (energy in motion) by the archons. Are we living in a mind projected hologram that was created with “movies” which are projected in our minds based on energetic timestamps that provide ongoing feasts for the archons?

Secondly, if we can track down those time stamps and go back in time to re-visit them through another Superhuman ability called time travel, could we change the outcome and heal all future aspects of emotional trauma for all involved and for all future time through bilocation, interdimensional perception and/or dreamwalking? This time travel healing theory is certainly tricky as you begin to deal with the issues of free will of others to experience this repeating trauma. However, could it be allowed if our free will was taken in the first place through trickery of allowing our consciousness to be inserted into a re-occurring energy harvest mind program?

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Chi Kung Master: Mind Over Matter through Psychokinesis

Superpowers aren’t something new as shown in this video where Chi Kung Master shows his practice of ancient abilities. Psychokinesis has been around for a long time, but how many people have been taught the way to use this ability? Since the video is in another language, you can mute the volume.

James Gilliland: Switching on Your Codons

In this video, James mentions working with a German biophysicist that claims that by doing spiritual practices, your codons can be switched on with higher consciousness (at 22:00).

James says that there have been tests done on monks and people who meditate often that show that they have more codons activated. By doing spiritual practices, the latent or “junk” DNA is switched on. This leads me to believe that intention and awareness are huge keys in DNA activation because they are the first “activators” in spiritual practice, as mentioned in my speech at the conference. This is a part of the “spiritual awakening” process, as people begin to question everything in our reality, learn how to connect with Source, intend to be guided to the actions that will activate their DNA, and stay aware of clues around them that point them down the highest and best path.

James also says that he thinks that if you are subject to higher bursts of energy, your body would automatically start resonating to that and you would start switching on the DNA. This is in alignment with the waves of energy that I discussed in the conference, including the most recent “Wave X” that we are still feeling the effects of.

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Ben Underwood: Echolocation

The proof of Superpowers just kept on coming. Here is a young man who used his mouth and ears in a superhuman way:

Echolocation is used by dolphins and was Ben’s way of being able to locate objects to compensate for being blind. Ben came into the world to share this Superhuman ability and transcended to the other side at the age of 16, shortly after being interviewed on many television shows. I’ll have to add echolocation to my list of superpowers in Ben’s honor.

Sal Rachele: Flying, Teleportation, and Rejuvenation

I never know why I am drawn to read certain information on the internet. As always, I can listen to something or read something, taking what I need and discarding what doesn’t work for me. I had never heard of Sal Rachele before, although it seems his information has been around for several years now. When I got to the screen in THIS video, it definitely got my attention.




I do feel that as we activate more and more of our codons, our bodies will become more ethereal or quasi physical. Through raising its vibrational frequency, it could become more translucent and fluid. This means that we would have the ability to change our appearance to what we deem aesthetically pleasing. Most people would probably choose a “time stamp” in our template that exhibited youthfulness and vigor, and program our DNA to project that hologram to the collective. This is what I call “rejuvenation” or perfection of the DNA template.

Our DNA Is Already Being Activated

As many of you know, I seek confirmation of downloads I receive and my guides show me things on the internet that become proof for me that I am on the right track. I was guided to all of these videos (and one more that was surprisingly removed by the user) in a matter of a day and a half after the conference. What I am getting from this information I have shared is that the DNA is already being activated for many people.

What is causing this? I have come to the conclusion that it is a number of things, including your level of mastery from other lifetimes, your level of vibrational frequency or the ability to live from the heart, the information or instruction coming from the sun and beyond, and the revealing of practices that have been withheld from the general public. I also feel that many people already have these abilities and do not even realize it. Fear of the unknown and past life tragedies like being burned at the stake from exhibiting these abilities may need to be cleared before the abilities will become more into one’s awareness.

In my free E-book, How To Ascend, I discuss a step by step processes on how to increase your awareness, heal your energy field, and get in touch with yourself and your abilities.

Many people wonder what they can do at this time to help the collective, and my answer is that when you help yourself, you put that information out into the collective consciousness for all to access.

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About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D.
All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website MichelleWalling.com. The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.


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