Some Said It in Song. Some Said It in Dance

Sacred 11By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I was profoundly moved by what Sue Lie and the Arcturians had to say about the mass migration into Europe in the Hour with an Angel pre-record Tuesday.

I can only cite from memory and, like so many others, my memory is Teflon these days: nothing sticks.

They emphasized that we had to see this situation from a planetary level. They then went on to explain, from a planetary vantage point, what had happened. Their viewpoint is something we probably won’t hear anywhere else.

Briefly, the have-nots of Syria, Africa and elsewhere are saying with their feet to the haves that they’re fed up and they’re not going to take any longer the inequity that exists between the West and the less developed countries.

I can appreciate that.

The Arcturians also said we who had long enjoyed security are now going to feel some of what it’s like to live with insecurity. We must take the opportunity to solve problems like this at a planetary level or they will not go away, they said.

They seem to want us to turn the corner between inaction and action.  What is that action?

I’m proposing that lightworkers do whatever it is they love best – sing, dance, paint, write – but add to it the message “Illuminati, stand down!” Said with love but with firm insistence.

Who are we to say it? We’re the people of this planet. We’re the 97 percent.

Requiring the Illuminati to stand down falls naturally to us, I think, because we’re the residents of this planet. Ours is a world of freewill and, in a freewill world, the guys in the rafters will not intervene unless invited to do so.

By opposing the Illuminati and asking them to stand down, we’re expressing our freewill. That’s the invitation that frees their hands to help us. And freeing their hands speeds everything up.

Since the Illuminati has not led or followed in this area, we now ask them to step down and get out of the way. I’m reminded of the conversation in Gandhi between the British general and the Mahatma.

British general: “Do you mean to say that you think the British will simply get up and leave India?”

Gandhi: “Yes.”

We’re the ones destined to release ourselves from the grip of the elite once and for all, in love and in the name of all beings who live on Planet Earth.

As part of the Illuminati standing down, we propose to recover from them the wealth taken from the 97% and redistribute it to take care of the world; in particular but not by any means solely, to address situations like the mass migration to Europe.

Yes, the Reval will occur. Yes, many other things will happen as well. All of this taken together will right the imbalance in our world.

The way we take our stand is important.  We have to make our demands to the Illuminati in the same manner our higher-dimensional visitors would to them, observing the laws of the land, the universal laws, and the legitimate customs of the country or group.

We have to do it without resorting to violence or becoming vigilantes.

And we have to do it without restoring to corruption, greed, lust, or any of the other vices which have caused so many disasters in our world up till now.

These out-of-integrity ways of being need to go now, supplanted by authenticity, integrity, and compassion, as befits our handling of what’s essentially the Divine Mother’s wealth. (1)

The entire history of some nations, East and West, have been tales of corruption.  It sometimes seems universal or endemic to the background we’re emerging from. And we aren’t out of it yet.

What may have seemed like Pollyanna to us decades ago is now absolutely essential if we’re to lift the world out of the place of decline it took itself to by following World Wars I and II with an all-out Illuminati offensive to dominate the world. This world would not have survived without the help it’s received so far. Human beings – not aliens – nearly destroyed it.  Human beings – not aliens – now need to take control of the effort to rebuild Nova Earth.

If we’re to present a credible showing as the first planet to mass ascend physically, I think we need to show that we’re willing participants, that we have a stake in the matter, an ante in the game. And we have to show commitment and backbone. This is our planet and the higher guys know it. It’s we who haven’t acted until now as if it is.

So far we’ve acted mostly without any planetary consciousness, sometimes raping and pillaging. Our visitors don’t do these things. There’s no future for the way we’ve been conducting ourselves on this planet up till now. Nor can we take much comfort from the past, except to learn what not to do.

What it would look like for lightworkers to be contributing to their greatest effect?

When I looked at the situation, I saw everyone conveying this message according to their highest bliss: “Illuminati, Stand Down!”  The message was said with love, but also with firm insistence.

Some said it in song. Some said it in dance. Some said it in art. Some said it in comedy. Some said it on the Internet. Some said it via bumper stickers.

“Illuminati, Stand Down!”

Illuminati, your part in the play is now ending. It’s time to take your bow and leave the stage.

Illuminati, you had your mission and it was complete some time ago. It’s time now to do what you agreed to do back then: Step down.

What’s to be gained from taking this step?

First, we’ll be sending a powerful message into the collective consciousness, where it resides and ripples through the deeper, hidden levels of our consciousness,

Second, this would make the message available for our own contemporaries in this realm to use.

Third, it’d also be available to free the higher realms up to act on our behalf given that we have collectively expressed our will.

If people just concentrated on following their own path and putting this message out into the world in whatever way suits them, I think the job would get done.  Never mind voting on the American President. Vote on the Illuminati – in or out.

Illuminati, stand down!

An Hour with an Angel is looking for transcribers.  Please write “Contact Us” if you have the time and skills.


(1) What wealth is not of the Divine Mother? She is everything. Her gifts are more precious than rubies.

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