The Sacred Dark Moon, Energize Your Intentions


From Earth We Are One, February 9, 2016

Receive the benefits of the dark moon’s energy.  This is a special opportunity to work with your higher awareness of co-creation to increase your momentum and get your health, wealth and love rolling!

Intention is Always the Key to Great Change

This powerful time of the month is especially wonderful to help aid us in directing our own intentional thought.

Finding our path through the forest can drop us off in uncharted areas where we can feel lost and confused.  That’s the beauty of the dark moon’s energy.  The whole planet is experiencing the same feeling of disconnection from our source of light.

We can use this global energy to dive deeply into our feelings and from within ask our inner guidance to light our personal path back to our innate self.  It is when we are experiencing our deepest desire that the most powerful intentions come forward into our awareness.

Focusing on these intentions for a fortnight will bring even greater change.

Why the Dark Moons are so Powerful for Going Inward and Manifesting

Dark Moons are the most powerful night of the month for going inward and opening up to the unseen gifts awaiting you in your subconscious mind.

Like lighting a single candle in a dark room… a single intentional thought towards “seeing” what we haven’t been unwilling to look at can hold powerful results.

Witness the darkness of resistance move aside during your retreat inward.  And expect great changes to happen because of your desires.

Teal Swan… Meditation to Release Resistance and Allow

How to Manifest Dark Moon Intentions

Based on the dark moon intention you found during your meditation, you may want to write a manifestation card to help focus and balance your new-found awareness.

Write your dark moon intentions on a 3″ X 5″ card. This is a very powerful process and you should place this card where you will see it daily many times.  I suggest taping it to your bathroom mirror.

Manifesting and holding a vibration is easy

Take a moment to allow the influences of the cosmic unseen forces to play in your etheric field of energy.  Let this feeling build until it fills you with passion and a belief that you are manifesting your soul’s wishes.

Take 57 seconds to focus your emotions on this feeling… as if what you want is already part of your life.  This increases the vibration associated with your manifestation and fills all 5 aspects of your consciousness with this frequency.

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